Preparing for Baby #2…And Having 2 Kids Under 1!


Many of times, I have heard the phrase “2 kids under 2”, which is usually followed by the trials and tribulations of having two small humans that are completely dependent on an adult.   I always knew that I wanted to have two kids but as life goes, I wasn’t sure that I was going to get what I wanted.  After multiple miscarriages and unexplained infertility, we (naturally) became pregnant with our son and at that point, I could not have been happier.  My husband and I knew that if he was going to be our only child, we would be totally ok with that.  I had always wanted two kids because while my sister and I fought like crazy, we are great friends now and I wanted my own children to experience that same sort of sibling relationship.  

Fast forward to my 6 week postpartum checkup and I was cleared for “regular activity” again.  My doctor gave me the speech about birth control and I remember laughing in my head because why would someone who had infertility issues need birth control?  Well…on December 29th, I finally got the answer to that question.  In my hand, I was holding a positive pregnancy test while our newborn, 8 week old son was asleep in the room next door.  My husband and I sat in virtual silence for the rest of that Friday evening, trying to process what just happened and then wrap our heads around the idea of TWO babies.  Literally.  


After the initial shock wore off, I started researching blogs and Instagram posts related to “Irish Twins”.  Since our babies were going to be 11 months apart, give or take, I thought looking to parents who had lived to tell through it would be the best place to start.  As I read through various posts, I started to feel more at ease with the idea of having two kids so close in age.  Like I mentioned above, we had always planned for two kids, but maybe not QUITE this quickly (my C-section scar was still fresh, for goodness sakes!).  We approached this pregnancy just like every other one, with cautious optimism, and as the weeks went on, everything seemed to be going along perfectly.  My fertility doctor kicked me out at 10 weeks, telling me I had set a record for the fastest turnaround in his career.  While it was all somewhat humorous to think about, it was also a true miracle that was beginning to unfold.  

As I type this, I am 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and trying my best to enjoy all the one on one time with my 8 month old son before his sister turns his world upside down.  Along with my growing belly, we have figured out that we are going to need a bigger car because of the two car seats and are in the process of building a house to accomodate our growing family.  It’s a little funny to think of how quickly your life can change in such a short time; my husband and I (and our 3 dogs) went from having a fairly carefree life, doing things as we please, taking trips and enjoying “adult-like” things.  And now, my focus has redirected itself to adding not one, but TWO kiddos into the mix and trying not to completely lose my mind.


Am I nervous?  Absolutely.  Managing two kids is a challenge, regardless of their ages.  But when baby girl arrives in August or September, I will have a newborn and an 11 month old.  They will both need my attention and I worry about how I will juggle my mom responsibilities.  My husband knows that he will have to step up even more than he already has because having two babies (literally) is going to be A LOT of work.  We are still learning a lot about parenting and by no means, have we figured this all out.  But, ready or not, baby girl is coming and we are going to do our best to provide a loving, stable, enriching and fun environment for both of our kiddos as they grow into little humans. 

Challenge: accepted!


  1. Our Irish Twins are 3.5 and 2.5 now and we wouldn’t change it for the world! We had fertility issues too and it was quite a surprise when the second one came along. But they have a built in buddy for life now! The first year is tough, but soak it up as much as you can! It’s a magical ride 🙂

  2. We love having Irish twins! The first 6 months was tiresome but sleep trained kids was our saving grace. You guys can totally do it!

  3. My Irish twins are 1.5 and 2.5 now. OHHHH, those first few months after we had #2 kicked my butt. I mean, my “big” baby wasn’t even walking yet. And independent? Not even close. Although those first 6 months after #2 was born are a serious blur, I can say that we survived. We might not have “thrived” (as was our goal), but we did survive. Life is starting to get easier. My kids are *playing* with each other (sometimes). I am so thankful. (Not gonna like, still tired… just not nearly as bad as the first few months). You can do it. Coffee. Prayer. And accept all the help you can get. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Mine are 5 and 6 now. Holy moly a blur is pretty much the only way to explain the first few months, including the non-walking older one. Some of the toddler years are also a blur. It was a blur, but as the milestones hit, it has been fun to see how close they are, now we are losing teeth around here every week it seems and kindergarten and first grade coming up. They are a boy and a girl and while they bump heads, they are buds and love doing things with each other. Especially my younger one who knows no different and really neither does my older one, than having a sibling. A lot of people say how did you do it, well, I don’t know any different (yes i knew what it was like having one, but i don’t know what it would be like with them 2,3/4 years apart) and as they get older, I think, it gets much easier. Eating the same things, we were out of baby food and diapers, cribs, etc….within 6 months for each of them. I wish I could remember more clearly those first few months. I enjoy looking at pictures now and enjoy the stage we are in now! Teamwork is a dream, too!

  5. My daughter arrived 11 months to the day after my son. I am sure there were hard nights and days but honestly you forget them and the bond they will have is amazing, much like actual twins. You got this, mama! It’s exhausting but so rewarding in the end!

  6. Best advice I ever got (mine are 15 months apart) was that when the second one was a year old, it would get easier. I held onto that and hoped it was true, and it was. I am still grateful to that stranger in the grocery line that told me that. So now I pass it on to everyone else who needs to hear it 🙂

  7. My older two are just under 13 months apart and are almost 6 and 7 now. The first year was definitely the hardest with them on different schedules. I was basically stuck in the house from 10-4 with one or both taking naps. However, you get through it with some tears and lots and lots of love and laughter. They are such good buddies. It definitely wasn’t planned, but I love that they are so close in age. I have a third who is a little over 2 years younger than my second. Sometimes I wish they were a little closer in age! 3 kids in 3 years was tough, but it is so nice now having them close in age. You can do this!! They are going to be so lucky!

  8. My Irish twins just turned 7 and 8 (they are 45 weeks apart as my daughter came a little early) and we’ve had a wonderful experience. It took us years to get pregnant with my son, so I too laughed off birth control after that six week check up. Several weeks later we realized I was pregnant with my daughter. I freaked out at first but we always wanted a couple of kids so it really was a blessing and we didn’t know any different so we just rolled with it! I became that cautionary tale that my doctor shares with her new mom’s at their six week check up but I have never regretted it or viewed it as an oops. My kids are best friends and have so many shared experiences that they’ve been able to do together, I feel that they’ll always be close and will be each other’s biggest advocate. Good luck – you’ll love it!

  9. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant w baby #2 (after infertility too!). I was sitting in a meeting and felt something strangely familiar—like a baby moving! I was 17 weeks when I found out I was pregnant w Claire and brought her home on Brynn’s first birthday. They are 20 and 19 now and the best of friends.

    And, I was crazy enough to do the whole thing over again (on purpose) a few years later. The years of five kids 5 and under seem like a blur today. But having five teenage daughters who are super close is the best! It’s like I have my own little sorority house. 😉

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