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I’m a Nasty Woman Raising Nasty Women

Evidently, I’m a “nasty woman” by some people’s “standards.” I’m a nasty woman because I stand up when others need to learn to sit down. I’m a nasty woman because I’m not a doormat, a...

Husband, I Like You

If being in quarantine has taught me anything, it is this: husband, I like you. Like, really. I really like you. Since the middle of March, we have been stuck together. We have seen more...

A Letter to My Postpartum Self

To My Postpartum Self, I know things feel heavy. Your body. Your mind. Your reality. Even the lightness of a tiny, precious baby upon your chest. It’s a lot. I know you feel like it’s not...

Pandemic Postpartum: Finding Healing in the Brokenness

Above my couch, the decor mocked me: “It’s so good to be home.” I tried remembering what life was like when I had made that purchase - when the words were true. I had been sitting...

Inside My Labor of Love, Pt. 2: Changing Provider Lanes

In part one of this series, I discussed the childbirth of my firstborn and how it colored my postpartum experience. It has also played a significant role in what I’m doing the second time...

The Quarantined Mom’s Survival Kit

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom who is used to having littles with you all day long or a working mama who now has to juggle work and kids within the walls of your home –...

Inside My Labor of Love, Part 1: My First Childbirth Experience

Before I jump in, I want to say that this series shares my personal, individual experience, and feelings for the childbirth that I want. In no way do I pass any judgment on how...

Why My Daughter Won’t Be Sitting on Your Lap

When traveling to see family and friends, it’s normal for us to exchange hugs. However, my two-year-old is not always warm to this type of welcome and sometimes prefers a departure without notice over...

Making Room for Margins

A recent Sunday sermon really stuck with me. It was the first of a series called Margins: Making Room for What Matters and discussed how we often wear busyness like a badge of honor,...

Second Child Reality: When Your Baby is No Longer THE Baby

My husband and I had a plan. We had discussed a second child and had “scheduled it in” for after our summer festivities, family events, and vacations had concluded. But, in life – especially...

Tasking Your Toddler

The thirty minutes between when I get home from work, with my toddler in tow, and the minute I set her plate of food down for her to eat is pure pandemonium. The balancing...
Working Mama

Advice from One Working, Breastfeeding Mama to Another

I thought the hard part about returning to work would be leaving my baby for 9+ hours a day. I had spent the weeks before returning to work preparing my heart for that. What...

Social vs Reality: Motherhood [Un]filtered

My life unfiltered looks a lot like the morning mayhem of lost keys, misplaced shoes, forgotten phones and computers, and pump parts and lunch bags. My unfiltered life looks a lot like apologizing for being...

5 Takeaways from IMB’s 2019 Bloom: A Celebration of Motherhood Event

I was able to sneak away from the house to attend my first IMB Bloom: A Celebration of Motherhood event. While the swag bag, treats, giveaways and vendors were all amazing, I especially enjoyed...
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