5 Takeaways from IMB’s 2019 Bloom: A Celebration of Motherhood Event


I was able to sneak away from the house to attend my first IMB Bloom: A Celebration of Motherhood event. While the swag bag, treats, giveaways and vendors were all amazing, I especially enjoyed the Motherhood Panel with Sierra Holmes (Eclectic Kurves), Samantha Smith (Samantha Smith Speaks), Nicole Pence Becker (SkinBabe), Katy Mann (Indy with Kids), and moderator, WISH-TV anchor Kylie Conway. While there were tons of great takeaways, here are five that stuck with me:

  1. Ask for Help

This seems so simple. It looks like such an obvious solution. However, it can be the hardest thing to put in motion and accept. As someone who needs control and thrives on independence, the idea of having to rely on others for the most important thing in my life felt impossible. However, there’s a reason that they say it takes a village. Whether your village is a small one, consisting of a super supportive husband, daycare and traveling grandmas, or one that includes any person who steps foot within your home who are deemed helpers versus guests, much like Nicole Pence took on when she had three boys in 13 months (which includes twins – bless her, right?!) – create a village that matches your honest needs. Doing so doesn’t make you an incapable mom. It actually creates the space needed to be your best self, in turn, being the best mom you can be.

  1. Love Thy Self

Nearly a year and a half after having my first child, I’m finally getting to the point where how I look and feel is important. It took me a minute, ya’ll, but I’m back! Something as simple as creating a nightly skincare regimen, reading a book (the non-rhyming, picture, cardboard kind), or buying that dress that might be a little more than you usually would spend but makes you feel like the hot mama you are – is so worth it. Sierra Holmes suggested finding a 5-minute go-to makeup regimen. Five minutes, people. We spend the majority of our days caring for and pouring into others, and we must make it a priority to replenish ourselves. I’m giving you permission. Treat yo’ self!

  1. Community without Competition

This is something that really struck me from the panel conversion. Samantha Smith discussed how the society of women today is at such an interesting point. While we are living in the age of female empowerment and the sentiments that women can do anything, there is also so much internal competition and comparison. I must tell myself almost weekly that someone else’s success doesn’t take away or limit mine. While I have had so many positive experiences of females lifting each other up, I’ve had just as many where they step on each other to lift themselves up. Ladies, we only climb by doing so together and realizing our equal part in the puzzle.

  1. “The World is Up for Grabs”

Ugggh, preach! Another favorite takeaway from the lovely Samantha Smith. As a mom, it is so easy to get caught up in the have to do’s, the I should do’s, the I don’t really want to do’s, the I forgot to do’s – that we forget that there is so much that we are capable of doing…because we actually want to. Don’t forget that your want to do’s still exist and are attainable. Rekindle the fire behind your passions and remember that all the things don’t have to happen today. Create designated time for them by drawing hard lines and make it happen instead of waiting to “feel like” doing it. Get it, girl!

  1. Motherhood is Funny

Now, don’t get it twisted: Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is exhausting. All that aside, motherhood is also so, so, so funny. Hearing from Katy Mann, mother of five, reminded me of how hysterical it can also be. Sure, sometimes you’re laughing so that you don’t cry, because what else is there to do, because you’re slap happy and can’t find any other emotion. But, the experience of motherhood is full of laughs. From the time that they are small and live shamelessly of who they are and what they feel and what they want to do and ask and say, to the time that they’ve grown into their own personality and sense of humor and thinking that they know more than you do – kids are funny. For all the times of chaos, stop and consider the laughter that having children brought into your world. Motherhood is something to celebrate and smile about.