Husband, I Like You

Image by: Summer Galyan at Summerly Photography

If being in quarantine has taught me anything, it is this: husband, I like you. Like, really. I really like you.

Since the middle of March, we have been stuck together. We have seen more of each other than we ever have during our shared life. Every single day. You. Me. The kids. The dog. Together.

During this time, we have been called upon as partners and have been asked to be so much more: best friends, coworkers, entire support systems, in-house therapists, workout buddies, etc. Because we had to. There was no choice.

But, I’d choose to. I’d choose you.

I like waking up, still sleepy, and slowly starting the day together. No morning chaos. No get-ready rush. No quick goodbye, jump in the car, launch into another day.

I like working “with” you. Even when work-from-home feels more like living-at-work. When we’re dreaming up office antics and making up would-be drama (which usually includes our coworker: the dog).

I like having the opportunity to check-in and catch up in person instead of through a screen.

I like sharing meals and funny middle of the day thoughts and the not-so-good feelings and everyday frustrations.

I like the no make-up days and the “I actually put on real clothes” days, knowing that they make no difference to you.

I like morning workouts and evening walks.

I like co-binging on Netflix shows and pantry snacks.

I like our game nights and back-patio music listening nights and go to be early nights and “why are we still awake?” nights.

I like sharing stories and silence and laughs – lots of laughs.

I like knowing that I picked the right person.

I like that when I think of life outside of quarantine, I still see that future – however it looks – with you.

I want that, and honestly – I’ll probably miss this. Because realizing how much I like you has made me realize that in some small way, I’ve liked quarantine.

Quarantine has put to test the vows that we committed as husband and wife. It has forced an alternate reality that we never signed up for. It has stripped out many of the support structures we came to know and left only the foundation: us.

And I guess I got lucky.

Because you’ve always been my safe place. And for all the ways and reasons that I like you, what it really means is that I love you.