Nickie is currently an Urban Education Studies PhD student at IUPUI. As co-owner of Indianapolis Moms Blog, she is interested in not only supporting and encouraging fellow mothers, but supporting the small businesses of Indianapolis. She also works for a Civil Rights organization, working specifically with Civil Rights in public schools. She is Mom to Charlie (3), Ivy (2), and Emery (1), and married to her baby-raising partner, Clay. She loves to travel with her littles and husband, walk the Monon, City Market, hikes, dogs, and barbecues. You'll find her with coffee in hand, likely talking to anyone who will listen.
snow activities

5 Must-Do Snow Activities for Sub-Zero Fun!

As our local temps have started to drop and the snow continues to fall, I've been super excited to do all things cold-weather with my kids. So I came up with a short list...

Three Ways to Meet Your Fitness Goals at the Monon Community Center

Recently I read a study that only 8% of people actually keep their New Year's resolutions. And take one guess what the number one resolution is - getting healthy. But just because it's March...

5 Quick Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Season from Hancock Regional Hospital

Though there are signs that the 2018 flu season is finally letting up, precautions are still needed to safeguard your health. Even if you got your annual flu shot, with the two common flu...

Let’s Talk About Race

Trigger Warning: racism, maternal mortality Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Civil Rights hero. He is a modern-day legend, remembered for his messages of love, of working toward a peaceful revolution against injustice. Because there is...

HercuLean Meal Prep: Getting Back to You After Baby

While caring for a baby is an incredible feeling, it can also leave you feeling completely out of whack. Not only might your body be adjusting to the fact that it just gave birth,...


I recently came across one of those "If you____, then post this as your status" things. I don't know what you call those. They're not "memes," and they're not "chain mail," though they kind...

I’m Done Shrinking. No More Diets.

I recently joined Weight Watchers, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. In the period of chaos between meeting my husband, and having 3 back-to-back pregnancies, I entered...

A Birth Mother’s Perspective on the Beautiful-and Complex- Process of Adoption

In an effort to honor the complex and beautiful process of adoption, Indy Moms Blog has had the opportunity to work with On Your Feet Foundation to feature the stories of birth mothers and...

No Small Task: Raising the Change-Makers of Tomorrow


Don’t be a Jerk (The Only Actual Advice I Have for My Kids)

I like to think I'm not a jerk, and there are a few things that make me a decent human being. For one, I actually try to be a decent human being. I return...

The Indy Mom’s Guide to Circle City Pride, 2017!

It's Pride Week! TONIGHT there is a kid-friendly event at White River State Park! And this Saturday is the Cadillac Barbie Parade: nearly two hours of fun, music, and lots of love...is love...is love...is love...is love... The...

Indy Bad Moms House Party

  Am I bad mom? Are we collectively bad moms? My kids eat Mac n Cheese, cheap hot dogs, and sugary cereal. They all had formula (the generic kind), and 2/3 were in child care...

Beauty + Grace: Local Luxury Clothing

As a mom, it can be hard to spend money on yourself: especially on clothing. Sometimes it's just easier to grab a pair of leggings at Target and a t-shirt that may or may...

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Babysitter {Sponsored by Sitting Made Simple}

We are transplants to Indianapolis: from Dayton, Ohio by way of Houston, Texas. Even though our families aren't super far away, they're definitely far away enough to make finding a last-minute babysitter inconvenient. That being...