Nikki is a wife, mom, communications professional, freelance writer and former journalist, among other things. She became "mama" in the fall of 2015 when she and her husband Corey welcomed Deacon. A Ball State University graduate and hometown Hoosier, Nikki absolutely loves Indy and has been asked by strangers if she is employed by the city (she is not). Nikki is navigating motherhood through trial and error, and with the help of Google, fellow moms and wine.

Survival Tips for Work from Home Moms

When I put my second-born son in his crib for a nap, I immediately look at the clock to determine how many minutes I have before my first-born son wakes from his nap (it's...
overachieving mommy

“Okay is Great” – A New Approach for an Overachieving Mommy

When Pinterest was at its peak, I was not yet a mom. But, I still remember wanting to have an incredibly cute nursery for my future baby, like the photos I saw, and make...

30 Minutes with my Husband

Recently, I became a mom of two - a toddler and a newborn. The transition, as I wrote in a previous post, has been easier than I thought it would be on seemingly everyone...

Adjusting to Life with a Toddler and a Newborn

The learning curve when going from a parent of zero to a parent of one is incredibly, indescribably steep. (So steep, I never understood how new moms to twins did it so kudos by...

Firstborn, I Miss You Already

I am a few weeks shy of my due date with your brother, and often thoughts of him fill my mind. Still, there you are. You consume me in a way that is extraordinary....

The Child Who Got Shot

This morning, a student and an adult were shot at Noblesville West Middle School. I don’t know many more details as I write this. This is not a school I’ve personally heard of or...

Practicing Self Care When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time or Money

When I first started reading about the importance of self care among mothers, I was thrilled. Women spending more time focusing on themselves and taking care of themselves? I’m all for it. But then...

Why There’s No Definitive Book on Parenting (Despite All These Articles)

If you type “book on parenting” into Google or Amazon, you’ll find a wealth of books are available for your immediate purchase. Don’t have time to wait on Prime shipping? Type “mom blog” into...

Misconceptions About Stay at Home Moms You Haven’t Heard

When I first became a stay at home mom, I did a lot of reading about what the transition may be like. While reading, I discovered there were plenty of stay at home mom...

Trials of Parenting While Pregnant

I’m so, so thrilled to be expecting my second child, due in mid-June. So far, the biggest surprise of this pregnancy is how much more difficult it has been than my pregnancy with my...

Kindly Never Ring My Doorbell Again, Please

It’s funny the way becoming a parent changes you as a person, and changes some of your behaviors and preferences. For me, there are too many changes to count, but one of the most...
The Size of my Child is Not Your Concern by Indianapolis Moms Blog

The Size of my Child is Not Your Concern

I was at Kid City at the Greenwood Community Center the other day (side note: absolutely amazing, cheap place to take a kiddo!) and I overheard a conversation that was pretty familiar for me. To...

Experiencing Loss in the Form of a Chemical Pregnancy

The term "chemical pregnancy" refers to a pregnancy loss that occurs so early that there is only the chemical reaction from the positive pregnancy test that indicates pregnancy occurred. It is essentially an early...

Why I’ll Take Diapers Over Potty Training

I have a toddler who is a couple of months shy of two-years-old. As such, I've started researching potty training methods and advice. Let me tell you, there is no shortage of either out...