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Minimalism: Beginning with Our Toys

After a long day of going from a doctor’s appointment to the grocery store and several other errands, I returned home to toys all over the floor, on both levels of my house. Any...

Our Family’s Encounter with Shark Teeth

When my daughter was five, she noticed that her bottom tooth was slightly wiggly. It absolutely made her day. She went on a quest to absorb all of the information she could find about...

Black Women and Stories of Infant Loss

This month we honor the precious lives lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, and SIDS. October 15th is National Pregnancy Loss and Infant Remembrance Day. The statistics of pregnancy and infant loss reveal that these life-altering...

Ways to Celebrate National Family Day

Every time my three-year-old gets off of FaceTime with my mother, she says “I really miss grandmother, we haven’t seen her in months and years and days.” It breaks my heart every single time...

Sleepwalking through Motherhood

If sleep is defined as an inactive condition of the body where the eyes are closed, the postural muscles are relaxed, and consciousness is practically suspended, then I am definitely sleepwalking through these early...

Social Distancing, An Introvert’s Struggle

I began my self-awareness journey at the end of 2019 by first accepting the fact that I am an introvert. It was something that I was not aware of because I have been alone...

EAT and READ Your Vegetables

There isn't a parent I know who, at one point or another, found it challenging to get their child to eat their vegetables. For some of us, it's a battle that ends with a...

Going Beyond E-Learning with STEAM Activities at Home

E-learning may only cover part of the day during this extended break but how can we keep the learning going without our students suffering from "learner loss." STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science,...

Daniel Tiger, It’s Not Just a Show for Kids

I never thought that I would actually binge-watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I was having one of those moments where I needed some mindless activity. When the television comes on in my house, my children’s...

To the Nurse Who Fought For Me

Dear Nurse, I wish I knew your name. I wish I could remember more details about the day I was rushed into the hospital. The specifics are hazy, but your presence is unforgettable. You were...

How to Respond to a Person with Food Allergies

As I child, I did not have any allergies. I ate what I wanted without restrictions. Somehow in my early 30s, I developed food allergies. Many are within the common 8 and some are...

To the Mom with the Autoimmune Disease

Dear Mom with the Autoimmune Disease, With symptoms like fatigue, difficulty breathing, hair loss, mouth sores, sensitivity to light, joint pain, skin rashes, brain fog, and dizziness, daily tasks can seem insurmountable. Now add taking care...

Will it Ever be Enough: Lessons to my Daughters

"LOOK! LOOK! There’s a brown girl! Brown girls are disgusting! RUN!" My daughter was oblivious to it all, me on the other hand, I was furious. How could a three and four-year-old girl say something...

Seeing the Light in the Loss

In my youthful innocence, I did not know that babies died. I had never dealt with or been impacted by the death of a child. My father had died when I was a little...
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