Going Beyond E-Learning with STEAM Activities at Home


E-learning may only cover part of the day during this extended break but how can we keep the learning going without our students suffering from “learner loss.”

STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics in education. For those looking for activities that will prevent such loss, keep the kids engaged and allow them to burn off some steam, you will surely enjoy the list that we have compiled. These activities will not only spark great conversation, exploration, and inquiry, but they will also create some wonderful memories in the home. 


Children are born scientists. Whether they are smashing peas with their fists or filling the bathroom sink with bubbles during hand washing, life is full of experiments. We have compiled a list of budget-friendly experiments that require little or no setup. Much of what is needed can be found around the house or outside. Experiments like Magic Milk, making a Homemade Lava Lamp, turning milk into plastic, or edible playdoughrequire materials that are in most kitchens. The experiment that has been a hands-down favorite is rescuing toys from an “iceberg!” Science can be messy, so to make cleanup easier, grab some towels or an old sheet, throw it across your kitchen table and enjoy!

For more science experiments, visit ScienceBob.com.


It is easy to use the screen as a tool to gain some needed quiet time, but let’s make screen time count. PBS Kids Scratch Jr., Code MonsterScratch, Swift Playgrounds, and Khan Academy Computer Programs classes. These sites and apps will ease the screen time guilt by using the tablets as a tool for education. 


Engineering can happen in the bathtub, at the kitchen table, or outside. Using basic household supplies such as toilet tissue, paper towel rolls, CDs, straws, and rubber bands, one can create so much. Some of our favorites include mini marshmallow shooters, building shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks, building a car, making straw rockets, and building a paddleboat


Each of us is creative, whether it is through writing, drawing, speaking, designing, building, or organizing. Drawing through the alphabet, painting with nature, and a DIY Robot Hand are just a few projects that will bring out the inner artists. 

Use ReadWriteThink and Magnetic Poetry to help with the creative writing process. Immerse in various types of music at PBS Kids or at Classics for Kids.  


Math is all around us and can be applied in our homes with ease. Math confidence can be built by incorporating it into your every day through the use of snacks from the pantry, blocks, M&Ms, and by using our own names. Other fun activities can be found at AdaptedMind Math, and Math is Fun. Also, enjoy Pi Day with discounted pizza at Blaze until the end of the year.