Everyday Affirmations for Mamas


Affirmations are like health food for the psyche.

They’re a way to clean up your inner world when you notice it has become overrun by junky thoughts that are stealing your mental energy.

Affirmations are NOT a way to bypass, deny or go above your difficult emotions.

Affirmations ARE a useful mental/emotional/spiritual tool to use once you’ve sat with and acknowledged your thoughts and emotions and need a new perspective to give you fresh energy and a better direction.


Here’s a list of affirmations specifically for mamas to give yourself a pep talk when you find yourself stuck in a funk:

When feeling exhausted:

I allow myself the rest I need.

It is safe for me to prioritize my own needs.

I nourish my body by allowing it rest, fresh water and healthy food. 

I nurture myself and ask for what I need in each moment.

When feeling overwhelmed or knee deep in mom guilt:

I am enough.

I am doing the best I can in each moment.

I release what I can’t control and trust that all will be taken care of on my behalf for my highest good.

I am an excellent mother, and I am learning as I go.

My babies chose me to guide them for a reason, and I am more than enough.

I am grateful for the lessons and blessings we bring each other and I am growing each day. 

When feeling fearful or anxious:

I trust in the process of life and know that everything is happening the way it should.

The universe supports me.

My family and I are protected in all ways.

I am safe.

I step into the unknown with faith and an open heart. 

When feeling unsupported:

It is safe and necessary for me to ask for the help I need.

I allow myself to create healthy boundaries with my kids and others.

I allow myself to delegate tasks and know that I don’t need to carry everything alone.

I release the need to do everything myself.

I release the need to say “Yes” to everyone.

I honor my sacred “No.” 

It is my divine birthright to choose where to use my energy. I give myself permission to use it for activities and relationships that support and nourish me. 

When feeling unworthy or unloved:

I love myself exactly the way I am in this moment. 

I fall more in love with who I am every day.

I see my entire self with compassion and kindness.

I release the need to judge others or make them wrong, and in doing so, I release self-judgment. 

I am continually becoming the woman of my dreams.

I am so valuable, right now. 

I am worthy of all types of joy and happiness.

It is safe for me to accept happiness and love into my life.

When needing to own and accept our dark side:

I allow myself to feel without judgment.

I thank the part of me that is fierce enough to protect and advocate for me.

I forgive myself for my mistakes and know I can choose better in each moment.

I am grateful for my dark times because I am learning and growing in beautiful ways from them.

When feeling judged:

I love and accept exactly who I am.

I go beyond the fears and limitations of others and make choices from my own heart.

I trust myself and who I am.

I love who I am becoming and hold safe space for my own growth.

My path does not need to look like anyone else’s, because it is mine.

I trust in my powerful intuition to guide me to the choices that honor my integrity and my own unique needs.

When feeling obligated (okay, these aren’t exactly affirmations but are necessary responses for our energetic well-being on all levels):

No, thanks! 

Not this time, thanks though. 

That’s not something I feel like I can do right now. 

Maybe next time. 

No. NO. NO! ?



I know motherhood can be difficult and most of us don’t really know what the heck we’re doing 90 percent of the time. 

We seek out guidance and approval from others, but at the end of the day, what we REALLY need is our own acceptance. It’s vital to have an outside support system, yes. But we also need to cultivate the ability to have our own back through the highs and lows of our mothering journeys. 

If you feel called to do it, use these affirmations (or create your own) for that purpose. ?

Write them on sticky notes and slap them on your mirror, on your desk, or on your dashboard in your car.

Get a fancy new journal and use it for only your uplifting thoughts and keep it in your purse.

Incorporate them into art or meditation.

Say them to yourself (even just in your head) when you’re taking a shower, when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, or when you’re driving.

Whatever resonates and feels right to you…

And notice how with genuine practice and repetition, you just may begin to feel like your own best friend. ?


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