Mom Grace Instead of Mom Guilt


Last week as I was leaving to go to a local women’s networking event, my 6-year-old stood there crying with tears in his eyes asking me to please not go. Ugh, mom guilt set in. I felt terrible as I drove off, but then I had a wonderful evening and snuck in my boys’ rooms to kiss them goodnight when I got home. My husband got them to bed just fine, and they enjoyed a guy’s night together. Everyone was just fine. So why did I feel so guilty? Because mom guilt is real.

Then I read a recent Instagram post from Joanna Gaines (I mean, really…she can do no wrong) and she suggested replacing mom guilt with mom grace instead. I LOVE this. Especially remember this as the busy holiday season is upon us and you’re trying to do all of the things to ensure your kids have the most magical and memorable holidays. If you’re working up a sweat trying to get a picture of your baby’s first Thanksgiving and they are screaming their head off & throw up grandma’s sweet potato casserole all over their adorable outfit—give yourself some grace. If your 10-year-old finds all of the gifts from “Santa”—give yourself some grace. You shouldn’t feel guilty when you think a moment didn’t go so perfectly as you planned. Some of my most memorable childhood experiences are the hilarious ones where things didn’t go as planned.

In all seasons of life—give yourself grace. As the saying goes, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Make sure you are taking care of yourself, find your identity outside of being a mom and don’t feel one ounce of guilt for doing so. Your life isn’t perfect (no ones is), but it’s your life and your children adore you regardless of how picture perfect you think everything has to be sometimes. Like my girl, Jo said, grace over guilt, mama.