Indianapolis Mom on the Frontlines: Meet Your Finalists


We are thrilled to be able to honor and celebrate the incredible women in our city that have been nominated for our Indianapolis Moms on the Frontline campaign. Please read take a moment and read about each one of these amazing moms and let’s celebrate them together.

Meet Your Five Indianapolis Mom on the Frontline Finalists:

Finalist 1: Kate Wright, Registered Nurse

“Kate is such a strong person. She is a mom of two girls (3 and 1) and a registered nurse in the critical care field. She also is in graduate school for her FNP Master’s Degree. Despite the pandemic and having two very young kids and continuing to work, she has maintained excellent grades. Her motivation to continue to find time to work out despite having little ones at home and mountains of homework is inspiring. She always seems to have a smile on her face and is always willing to help others. She truly is a super mom and inspires me every day to see the glass as half full and keep moving forward.” 

Finalist 2: Natalie Schmidt, Nurse Practitioner, FNP

“Ever since I’ve known her, she’s always put others first. Natalie has always worked hard at taking care of her patients and giving 150%. But that doesn’t end when she gets home. Her two boys always feel the love when she gets home as they can’t wait to be with mom and just cuddle up with her and watch movies and eat popcorn. I wanted to nominate Natalie as she deserves recognition for all the hard work and love she pours into her work, her patients, and her family, and none of those that get to interact with her ever feel neglected or underserved, truly do feel the love she gives.”

Finalist 3: Kimberly Hill, LPN

“Kim deserves this prize because she is constantly giving of herself to help others. In the midst of this crisis, she has continued to remain positive and passionate about what she does. She is on the frontline serving our nation’s heroes. That makes her a hero in my book!”

Finalist 4: Sharon Eller, Registered Nurse

“My mom has been a dedicated nurse throughout my entire life. Always working long hours to make sure her patients are getting the care they deserve. And now with the global pandemic, she’s no different! She’s at bedside up to seven hours straight without a breath of fresh air dialyzing covid19 positive patients. On a phone call last Friday, she told me she thought she going to pass out after working a 15hr shift. The CO2 has to be building up in the mask, so pick my mom because she’s already crazy despite the hypoxia. She’s been the tireless nurse that’s sat with your loved ones for 30 years and will continue to do so. She’s so deserving of recognition, and has inspired me to be a nurse myself.”

Finalist 5: Brittani Morgan, EMT/Paramedic

“Brittani is an amazing single mom of 5 year old that has been training as an EMT then went straight into the Patamedic training with St Francis Hospital while also working full time thru St Francis at Beech Grove Fire Dept. She has had to become a teacher to her kindergarten son, continue to work long hours, often 36-48 hrs shifts consecutively! Once the Coronavirus hit her area, she put her sons safety first and foremost and put him in care of family for 6 weeks without having physical contact with home and only occasional video chats. Brittani was still having to do online classes and picked up multiple shifts at the firehouse to help cover needed shifts as an EMT. All the while doing the classes she had to travel to St Francis Mooresville and Indianapolis for clinicals, along with both work and class. This mom has never complained even though I knew her heart was breaking in every video chat and phone call that she had to hear the voice of her young son saying, “I miss you Mommy.” Her response was always, “You know my number one job as your mom? It’s to keep you safe! This me keeping you safe.” Brittani is absolutely amazing! She continues to work and put her son in front of all her priorities and is serving as a first responder even when it meant so many sacrifices!”

Meet Your Indianapolis Moms on the Frontline Nominees

Ranae Brown, Paramedic

“My wife is a paramedic at LifeLine and works for St Francis EMS at Shelbyville Fire Dept. She is currently pregnant with our second child and is still working full time during this pandemic. She plans to continue working until May 31st and our daughter is due June 10. She is absolutely amazing and so hard working.

Julie Hicks, Registered Nurse

“She is working the frontlines in the Emergency Room. She loves her work family and works hard tireless hours. She is a mom to two busy body boys that she loves more than anything along with her hard working amazing husband and dad. She loves her job, and loves to help her patients.”

Kate Schwartz, Nurse

“Kate deserves this prize because she goes to work to care for very ill/contagious patients risking her own health and that of her family. She goes to working knowing she could bring it home to her husband and kids, but still goes to do her part with a reduced level of PPE (i.e. wearing the same mask all day). During this unique time she’s a nurse, mom, teacher to two elementary girls (e-learning), wife and they are moving (today actually!). Talk about stress…moving when there isn’t a pandemic is stressful enough. Thankfully they’re move is local so Indy won’t be losing a wonderful nurse. She is the best and very deserving!”

Ashley Goslee, Registered Nurse

“My patients and my kids are my “why”! My kids were my best motivation to finishing my bachelors degree from IU. I am a single mom to three amazing kids! My oldest is 10 and my twins are 8. During this already tough time, my children’s father and I decided to have the children stay with their dad while I worked with these COVID patients. My kids were all pre term babies and have asthma. As a mother, it pained me not to see my kids, however it hurt more to think about the possibility of spreading the virus to them. With everything I’ve gone through, this was just one small obstacle to overcome. I do the best I can as a mom and nurse. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.”

Brittany Wright, Perfusionist

Brittany is so sweet and caring!! She works long hours and has to take care of Covid 19 patients! She is always so positive about everything! She always tells me we will get through this! She deserves this because she needs some good self care for all the hard work she is doing! So proud of her!

Sarah Wood, Resource Registered Nurse

She floats to wherever there is a need in Community Health North, South and East. She is an amazing mom to two young boys and the most compassionate nurse.

Kristen Husack, ER Nurse

Kristen is always the first person to ask how she can help someone. She buys groceries for friends and family, babysits for them, and continues going to work everyday knowing that she WILL come in contact with people who have Covid. She has never complained about her job or shown any fear about the current crisis. Instead, she takes shifts for her coworkers who do not want to be around covid patients and takes coffee and food to her coworkers on her day off. She is so selfless, so hardworking, and SO caring to everyone she meets.

Rebecca O’Bryan, Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“Rebecca is an outstanding physician and mother of three. She works on the inpatient unit helping her patients that she loves so dearly. Working as a mother and physician is not easy but she takes it in strides and gives 100% to both her patients and family.”

Stephanie, Respiratory Therapist

She is amazing.  I love my mom and to know she saves people everyday! She is perfect. If she won this would be a lifesaver! She saves lives everyday! She is amazing!

Stephanie Corbin, Emergency Department Secretary

Stephanie is a mother of 4 and the engine to the emergency department. She is selfless, loving, caring, hard working and eager to jump in and help where she can!

Slavi Sutter, Registered Nurse

She is a mom of three, she is working on the front line with Covid patients at the ICU. Hardworking, dedicated, loving, and optimistic mom.


Thank you to all who submitted these courageous and incredible Indianapolis Moms. We are so grateful for your dedication to our community during this pandemic. Be sure to head over to Facebook to vote on our top finalists to win our grand prize valued at over $500!

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