Healthy and Easy Recipes for the New Year


If you’re anything like me, you probably ate all the food between Christmas and the New Year. I’m so looking forward to my kids going back to school and for me to go back to work so I can get back to my normal fitness and nutrition routine. When it comes to meals, I need simple. Our lives are busy so anything that I can make quickly or even store away to grab for a quick meal is ideal. I’m constantly looking for healthy and easy recipes to add to my meal planning that are ideal for our busy lifestyle.

Meal planning is something that helps me survive the chaos of the weeks. So when looking for breakfast or dinner options, I like to make things that are simple. These healthy and easy recipes have been a huge hit in our household. They also are recipes I make throughout the week that will help me get back on track and are quick to prep and create.

Here are a three of my favorite healthy  and easy recipes for any family!

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Do you have favorite meals? What are some of your favorite healthy and recipes that you like to make for your family!


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