Must Haves To Get Through Summer


Summer is in full swing and as it marches on I have found a few things that are making my summer a breeze.

Face Sunscreen

I have officially hit the age where I will not go outside without face sunscreen. There is a good reason for this too! Studies show that face sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer, slows down aging, and helps maintain even skin tone. Since introducing this into my daily skincare routine I can tell a difference.  I’ve tried so many – the tinted ones, the ones that leave a horrible white cast, and the ones that make you smell like a coconut. After much field research, I’ve decided that the best (and reasonably priced option) is the First Aid Beauty Mineral Sunscreen.

If that’s not in the budget, try any mineral-based sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens offer immediate protection — no waiting needed, and they can also be applied on top of makeup and other skin-care products.

Chafing Stick

Let’s hear it from the thick girls. No, but for real. This product is a must-buy for those hot summer days in dresses and/or shorts. My go-to for this is the Megababe Thigh Rescue Mini Anti-Friction stick. I’ve also been known to use my husband’s Degree deodorant too.  Both work like a charm.

Hyper Chiller for Ice Coffee

My name is Megan and I spend way too much money on iced coffee at Starbucks. If you can relate, you must try the hyper chiller made famous on Tik Tok in 2019. Here’s how it works. The hyper chiller includes a series of stainless-steel chambers packed into a larger plastic container. You pour water into the inner and outer chambers by putting the constructed chiller into the freezer overnight. When it’s time for coffee, you pour the hot coffee into the top, swirl it around for a minute, then pour it into your coffee. You can serve it over ice if you want. It’s a game-changer, and most importantly—a money saver!

The Ultimate Summer Mom Bag

Let’s face it—moms don’t carry purses; we carry massive tote bags full of diapers, snacks, toys, random coins, band-aids, and a heap of other random items. Is it just me or do the items seem to double during summertime? We always need sunscreen, sunglasses, bottles of water, etc. I buy the cute (small) bags. I use them for about a week so before I realize they won’t hold all the things I need (or think I need). And ultimately, I end up pulling out old faithful—the ugly brown tote bag that is uber convenient albeit hideous.  This year I said no more. If I must tote all this stuff around, I at least want to do it in a cute summer bag. I found mine on amazon. It’s nothing special, but it’s cute and big enough to do the job. I suggest checking Amazon, TJ Maxx, or Target. Good luck mamas!

We’d love to know, what are your must-haves for summer? Tell us in the comments!