5 Things I Will Commit to in 2019


2019: A New Year. A new beginning, a fresh start. As we toasted to the new year–or sat on the couch with chocolate, popcorn, and Netflix like me–we began to reflect on the past year and what we envision this next year to look like. For most, we make resolutions. We make commitments to ourselves. This year, I am going to commit to these 5 things, and I hope some of you join me!

1.Date Nights

It is so easy to get stuck on the parenting roller coaster and forget to get off and connect with your spouse. I am entirely guilty of taking the “Fast Pass” and skipping quality time my husband altogether *insert grimacing emoji face here*. The picking up of toys, the cleaning of the kitchen after dinner, the laundry, etc. It all can get in the way. In 2019 I am committing to having a date night once a week with my husband. Now I know life is crazy, and babysitters can sometimes be hard to come by, but I commit to not letting that stop us from having this time together. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a Date Night In. I’m talkin’ early bedtimes, takeout, a beverage, Netflix, and comfy sweats. Anything that accepts the wearing of over-sized sweatpants, I am ALL IN.

2. Girl Time

I love almost nothing more than the feeling I get after spending quality time with my girlfriends. A time to share our successes, failures, funny stories, and drinks. A time to revert back to our pre-baby selves with inside jokes and retelling of high school or college memories. A time to laugh so hard we pee our pants a little (post-baby mamas, ya feel me?). These times are so good for our souls, especially as moms. We need this time to revisit ourselves outside of being Mommy. Start a monthly dinner with your girlfriends, a movie night, a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party, a sleepover, a weekend getaway, ANYTHING to get you reconnected with your girlfriends. I am committing to creating monthly dates with my girlfriends.

3. Pick Up That Old Hobby

You know, that one thing you used to LOVE to do before having children? The one that you would look forward to every day, but somehow it distanced itself? I am committing to picking up my ole’ hobby of blogging/writing. I used to LOVE to write stories as a childlike obsessed. I would write chapter books in my own book series. I used to blog and share recipes, home renovations, and pregnancy updates for years. After having kids, that seemed to disappear with all of the overwhelming duties of motherhood. In 2019, I am picking that hobby back up, starting right here with Indianapolis Moms Blog. A platform where I can share the struggles and extraordinary moments of motherhood. So what is it that you left behind? Do you want to commit to picking it back up in 2019?

4. Disconnect & Unplug

How many times a day do you catch yourself scrolling through your phone for no apparent reason, but only to look up and see your kids playing or trying to get your attention? A lot? Just me? I am so guilty of this. After a day of work, I sometimes find myself wanting to zone out, and my device becomes the enemy. Not only when the kids are awake, but when they are in bed as well. More often than I’d like to admit, I’ll look up from my phone to see my husband across the room doing the same thing. TV on, no one watching it, no conversation being had. This has to stop. For me, for my husband, for my relationships! In 2019 I am committing to being deliberate about my own screen time. Tossing those phones in the drawer and wrestling with my boys, playing with slime, discussing my day with my husband, and asking about his. If this sounds familiar, will you commit to this too? Be present. “As a mom, you have to look at how much time you’re spending with your kids. There is nothing you will regret more in your life–NOTHING–than not being present for your children.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

5. Establishing Routines

I am the type of person who lives off of checklists–like THRIVES. There’s just something about crossing something off or checking that box that gives me such satisfaction. I am a go-getter and can multitask like a boss. I’m that person that lives by the dry-erase calendar hanging in our kitchen, and will unknowingly look at it 10 times a day and cross each day off as it passes. I have lately gotten into the bad habit of having hopeful routines, that don’t get seen through. Workout schedules, meal planning/prepping, waking up earlier. These have been my biggest hurdles. In 2019 I want to commit to being more intentional with my routines. I am pretty proactive at making a list of things that need to be done and when they will get done. It is when those plans don’t carry over into action that I kind of start to lose it.

Most recently, a study showed that it takes an average of 66 days for something to become a habit. That’s roughly 9 weeks. I’m going to commit to working on setting that alarm and actually waking up, not hitting snooze (this will actually be the hardest of all to break!). I am going to write out a workout schedule and follow it through. I am going to sit down and plan out meals and lunches for the week, and prep anything if needed.

What will you commit to this year? Maybe start with some of these, and see what happens! I don’t know about you, but I’m off to start making my lists and checking things off!