A Letter to my Sleepless Baby



Dear Baby Girl,

Let me start this letter by telling you how much I love you.  I love your big blue eyes, chubby little legs and the way you scream with joy when you see your siblings.  Baby Girl, I love that big smile of yours and the way you grab my face when I pick you up.  Oh sweet child, I love you to the moon and back however, it has been seven months now and you really need to go to sleep.

Come with me and let’s take a walk down memory lane – back to the days of the uterus where I carried you for 40 weeks and 1 day.  You may not remember as you were still a tiny, growing fetus, but I endured terrible morning, afternoon and night sickness for 12 weeks as I grew you that first trimester.  It was so bad that I still cannot use the my school’s hand sanitizer without immediately dry heaving because the smell brings me back to those morning sickness memories.  I loved you so much that I gained 20 pounds for you over the course of those 40 weeks and 1 day.  And then, at the very end, I almost had an unintentional natural birth because you were so ready to meet this world.  See Baby Girl?  I love you oh so very much but it really is time that you go to sleep for me.

Do you remember those first few months that you spent with our family?  Okay, I really don’t either but the point is I took one for the team, Baby Girl.  I hooked myself up to that pump at least five times a day to make sure you had the best milk in town.  When you wanted to eat multiple times in the middle of the night I made sure that bottle was the perfect temperature, even at 3:00 am.  I burped you like a champ and made sure you had the cleanest and softest tush before I laid you back down.  Are you catching my drift yet, Baby Girl?  Your mama deserves some sleep.

Here we are, seven months in and it pains me to say that I can count the number of times you have slept through the night on my right hand.  I promise you, I won’t be that parent that compares you to your siblings.  But I will share with you a random fact: your brother and sister were both sleeping 12+ hours this point.  Like I said, I know you are YOU, so I’m not comparing, but merely sharing a fact that may interest you.  Can I also be completely honest here?  While you are seriously too cute to boot Baby Girl, when you get a good sleep you should see the glow that comes off of you.  Sleep looks good on you, I promise.

I truly don’t mind rocking you to sleep.  Really, it is usually the highlight of my day.  But there comes a day when we all need to give in to our pride a little bit.  I have a good feeling about this month, Baby Girl – this is OUR month.  Let’s look at this opportunity as a team and tackle it together.  Because I have to be quite honest with you – your mama is flipping exhausted.


Mama (who is on her third cup of coffee for the day)


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Kait is a small town, Indiana girl who knew she was destined for the Big(ger) City when she grew up. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education, she found her love and passion as a second grade teacher in Indianapolis, where she has been teaching for nine years. Kait is the mom to three sweet littles, Cohen, Lola and Remy, and a teenage step-daughter. When she isn’t busy attempting to play Super Mom, she enjoys running, fashion, iced coffee and spending time with her family. Kait and her husband Kurtis reside in Westfield where they are raising their young family. You can catch up with her wild journey through motherhood on her blog, High Heels and Mommy Ordeals.