A Love Letter to My Sons for Valentine’s Day


To my boys, Dylan (10) & Tyler (7)

My sweet boys, you are both still so little yet growing so fast. I still remember every detail of your precious newborn faces and I still can’t believe you both are mine. I love both of your completely different personalities. Dylan, you are such a caring, responsible, smart and adventurous boy. It lights me up to hear so many adults say what an incredible young man you are becoming. And my sweet Tyler—your joyful nature, extreme love of animals & sometimes wild yet endearing manner makes everyone you meet fall in love with you.

I want you both to know you can be anything you want in this world and that your daddy and I will support you in everything you do. Yes, you will make mistakes along the way and there will be challenges but you will learn and grow from them.

Most importantly, our hope is to raise you to be good human beings. To show love, respect, and kindness to anyone and everyone you will encounter throughout your lives.

And then the day will come when you become husbands and fathers. I know for certain you will be the best at both roles because of the amazing example your daddy has shown you of how to treat your wife and how giving the gift of experiences with your dad is worth more than any present from a store.

So, while you both are little and still my little Valentines I am going to soak up every minute. The family years are short—we only get to be the 4 of us for around 18 years and then go into all the different seasons of our lives together. Dad and I will be there every season loving you and cheering you on.

I am extremely grateful that God gave me you, my sons.

All My Love,