Goal Setting: Owning the New Year!


It’s a new year and I’m sure many of you (myself included) have set goals or resolutions for 2018. These could be focused around your career, fitness, finances, attitude, etc. But how many of us will actually reach those goals?

Let’s talk about goal setting and how to take action

Brain Dump

Write down all of your thoughts on what you’d like to accomplish this year – whatever comes to your mind (sometimes as a mom, that’s a lot!) When you write these things down, you make them more real instead of just locking them up in your mind.


Narrow down your list

List your top 3 big goals & maybe a few smaller goals. Are your goals focused around your passions or things you love? Be as specific as possible and make sure they are measurable (include precise amounts, date, etc.)


Be realistic

Think to yourself, “Is this really achievable?” For example, you would never set a goal to run a marathon next month because that takes months of training! Make sure they are goals you can realistic set for yourself.



What skills do you need? Do you need guidance from a professional? Do you need some type of training plan?

Reverse Engineering

Breakdown each of your goals into smaller, bite-sized pieces that you can do each day to reach your goal. Let’s call them “mini goals.” Achieving these each day will help build your confidence!


Set a deadline

Look at your mini goals and decide when you should be doing them to reach your bigger goals. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?


Achieve your goals

Reward yourself! You finally made that big career move – now celebrate with a new outfit for your first day! You can even just reward yourself when you achieve a mini goal. For example, you ran your farthest distance yet. Reward yourself with a coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Keep it fun and motivate yourself along the way.


So let’s own 2018! Take action and achieve our goals, mamas!

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Emily Nichols
Emily and her husband (who is also her high school sweetheart) have lived in Brownsburg since 2004. They have two boys (Dylan & Tyler) that keep them very busy! Emily is a nonprofit professional and also wellness expert. She is a Whole30 Certified Coach and the host of The Self Care Isn't Selfish Podcast. You can also find Emily teaching fitness classes and getting her own butt kicked at Orangetheory. Motivated by her own family's wellness transformation, Emily coaches and helps inspire other busy moms like herself to make their health a priority in their lives, and take the time to put themselves first #selfcareisntselfish Emily loves to write about health, fitness, being a working #boymom and of course self care. You can find her on Instagram and check out her online courses and the podcast at: www.emily-nichols.com