Indianapolis Moms Quarantine Playlist



Music is good for the soul. Really–there is science behind it! According to Psychology Today, “Study after study has found that music has a positive effect on a broad range of physical and psychological conditions including anxiety and depression.” I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has made me feel a bit anxious, and I may have cried a little when I heard our kids weren’t going back to school until May 1st. I’ve been relying on my own self-care strategies, including listening to music to help me during the quarantine. Listening to music releases good endorphins to help boost my mood, and I know it can do the same for you! (keep scrolling to check out the playlist I made for you!)

Here are a few other positive outcomes that I have personally felt due to music:

  • It brings people together–I mean, who doesn’t join in and sing together when “Hold On” by the Wilson Phillips comes on?
  • It provokes dance parties in your kitchen while making dinner–dancing and burning calories make me happy for sure!
  • It can take you back to a moment or time in your life
  • Your kids will want to shake their booties and sing with you (well, unless you have a middle schooler.)
  • It can pump you up! I have playlists that I listen to before a race or before teaching Bootcamp to help me get pumped up and focused.

So while we are quarantined with our families, working from home and navigating e-learning (God bless all the teachers, by the way), I hope you enjoy this playlist I created for you to help pass the time and help you feel maybe just a bit better as the days go by. It’s okay to feel your feelings during this pandemic, but simple things like music can undoubtedly help your soul during this time.

Enjoy! (dancing in your kitchen is highly encouraged.)

*You can also find my killer workout playlist here.