Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Krysten


Krysten here! I’m a southern Indiana (Georgetown – which is by New Albany – which is by Jeffersonville – which is across the river from Louisville…anyone?) transport who made it to the “big city” after graduating from the beloved Indiana University. After living the Tour de Indy life in various neighborhoods and depleting our family moving favors, my husband and I planted roots in Fishers with our two daughters: Avery (3) and Maddie (8 months), as well as our OG boxer gal, Ellie (10).

I’m a Senior Content Marketing Manager as well as the owner of a freelance creative marketing company, K. Schmidt Creative. My roots in writing and design started in my high school journalism and newspaper class. What felt a little nerdy at the time was one of the best choices I made as a teen…which isn’t saying much, except that it is.

I missed my calling as a detective, but I’m living my best true crime life one podcast, series, and documentary at a time. I’m the chef and handy-woman of the house but cannot solve a math problem to save myself the humiliation.

I’m an Enneagram 8: The Challenger and live for checking boxes on my to-do list. Anxiety is my archnemesis, but there’s nothing that a night out on the patio with a little Bennie and the Jets can’t fix (am I right?). There’s not a concession stand I would pass up or a cold brew I’d put down.

Under non-quarantined days, I can be found exploring a new eatery, at a local park, playground, or splash pad, visiting with family, or maybe even squeezing in a round of golf (and a hot dog at the turn, of course).