RIP Cute Halloween Costumes


Gone are the days when my sweet little boys wanted to dress up as Woody from Toy Story or matching Spiderman costumes. Instead, my 10-year-old is being “ghost face” from the movie, “Scream” complete with a bloody face (sidenote: I was TERRIFIED of this movie in high school) and my sweet little 6-year-old is being a glow in the dark skeleton. To add salt to my wounds, my 10-year-old would like to go trick-or-treating with his buddies instead of us and his girl cousins (which I get, but still!).  My advice to you, mama is to let them grow into their own and you can secretly cry if you want while eating some of their Halloween candy.  


This is all just another sign of them growing up, and as excited as I am for every phase and watching them turn into little men—it makes me kind of sad. I feel like my youngest is growing up even faster to keep up with big brother. Next year my oldest will be in middle school. We’re already discussing getting a cell phone next year, new sports he would like to try and girls. Ugh, girls. This is hard when I still see him like this sweet, precious boy:

So mama—cherish the years when your kiddos are dressing up for Halloween as superheroes, unicorns or dinosaurs. Because eventually, they’ll be “too big” for cute and that my friends is scary.

Have a Happy Halloween, Indy Mamas!  I hope your kiddos share a piece or two of candy with you!