Thankful for the Indianapolis Moms Blog and our Community


Reflection always seems to happen at certain times of the year. The beginning of the year or end are the two most obvious times. With that said, I have been reflecting on this year and what being a part of the Indianapolis Moms Blog has meant to me. The past year has been a year of a lot of firsts for me. One of these firsts is being a part of the Indianapolis Moms Blog. I am very thankful for how being a part of such a great group of women has transformed me.

Support system

We are surrounded by such an excellent support system. At no time, has being a part of this community added stress to my life. What else can you say that about?? Um, nothing…well, I can’t anyway. We literally provide content, and they do all the work. i.e., editing, scheduling, promoting, maintenance, and all the other behind the scenes things we don’t realize. When we hit a wall about what to write, all we have to do is turn to this huge network of women for inspiration. Honestly, multiple times I have felt my voice shouldn’t be heard because my topic isn’t relevant. Then I’ll take a few moments to read our sister sites blogs and our own, and then boom inspiration hits and my voice feels relevant again.

It seems so small in the grand scheme of things but it’s not

In the grand scheme of our lives, what does one little blog post on one blog do for me? It means we as women have our voices heard, it means we are building confidence one post at a time, and we are having conversations we may not have had otherwise. Just this week, I was having a conversation with another mom when I started talking about my daughter’s stress issues. Seriously, a year ago, I would not have dare spoken about an “issue” to a stranger or someone I barely knew. I’m from the south where we learn to keep it all inside. However, writing for this blog, I have learned that we all are going through something and want to talk about it at some point. Come to find out, this mom was experiencing the same issues with her child. Unfortunately, her child’s issues were much worse than my child’s and I am glad that we had each other to talk to at that moment. The resolve we got out of the conversation was that we were not alone.


I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great movement. I am thankful for our community of women who are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and sharing their struggles. I am looking forward to the true connections this outlet provides. Here’s to another great year of firsts and giving a voice to the issues (& fun things too!) we face as women and mothers. 2019 we are coming for you! Thank you Indianapolis Moms Blog and the powerful women of this community!