What is Your Vision? Tales of a Vision Board


One of the most amazing parts of the New Year is that you have a brand new 365 days to correct things that you didn’t get right in the past 365 days. That may mean renewing your interest in reading, taking some “me time,” or utilizing the gym membership that you pay for every month but never truly use. The new year brings a sense of renewal and connection, it is a time that allows you to set new goals and believe that you can meet the goals that you set. Not only do we do this individually but we also have parties dedicated to the idea of doing a vision board and beginning to manifest the way that we want out our new year to go. The most significant part of the new year for most of us is the vision board. The sheer idea that by gathering up three piles of magazines and a poster board, you can make your new year effective, just by simply visualizing the things that are important to you.

My friend Shannon and I had an extensive conversation about vision boards when I began to have my annual New Year’s Day existential crisis. You know the crying, dreading and anxiety that comes with a new year and dealing with the fact that you have not necessarily done all of the things that you wanted to do in the previous year. Therefore when Shannon kept asking me if I had completed my vision board, I kept giving her a disappointed “no” because honestly, I haven’t had time. She kept telling me to do it because “honestly I think it will help you feel better.” Before Weslie and Trey, I would have my vision board complete by the end of day January 1st. It would be filled with, pictures, dreams, clothes and the right amount of colloquialisms. By the time I was finished it was the most amazing vision board, and I left feeling motivated and ready to conquer the new year, I took my time on it, and you could tell because everything was so well thought out. The last time my vision board was that in-depth President Obama had black hair, the reason for the slacking, well, life.

This year I was determined to put my thoughts on the board and put action behind my thoughts. Jan 15th, I grabbed my poster board, January 20th I had more than enough Essence, Glamour, Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair magazines to make a vision board to rival all vision boards. I had one goal in mind, to make this year one of gratitude, progress, and force myself to step out of my comfort zone because there is no growth there. To say the least, I was extremely proud of the progress.



Life didn’t slow down for me to complete this vision board, not one bit. Therefore I had to determine how important it was for me for my family to see the vision that I have for us and the vision I have for myself. Furthermore, I need to see it and force myself to get to work because that is truly the point of the new year, 365 fresh days to divide and conquer……I’m choosing to conquer (it’s on my board).