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Things My Daddy Taught Me {Notes From the Eternal Daddy’s Girl}

My dad is pretty perfect. (Can you say that without it being weird?) Let the record show that I am not just saying this because he is my father. If you met him, you...

Thank You, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

For the past week, I have been glued to the television screen as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson prepares to ascend to the highest court in the land. As a Black woman, I was filled...
Black History

Denying History: The Curtailment of Black History Month

Ms. Dawn Whitehead was my first Black Woman teacher. She was also my first Black teacher and I didn't have her until I was in high school. Ms. Whitehead was wonderful, beautiful, and smart....

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Five Books to Commemorate the Day

The third Monday of January, every year, is the commemorative celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Growing up, the day has always been significant because it wasn’t just a day out...
the year that changed me

The Year That Changed Me

We enter into a New Year and we are all so hopeful no matter how great or dreadful the previous year may have been. When we entered 2021, we all took a collective sigh...

Hi 40, It’s Me Deandrea

After a year of anticipation, the time has finally come, and I am 40. I do not take this lightly and honestly, it is not met with any trepidation, I am strangely excited. After...

Dear Mrs. Miller, a Love Letter to My Son’s Preschool Teacher

My son Stephen E. Beaven III, aka Trey, is the ultimate introvert. He doesn't say much, and when he does speak, it is so profound that it could shock you if you don't know...

I Am Hanging on by a Thread

I tend to live in a place of gratitude, I always have, and I always will. That is not to say that I do not become overwhelmed and begin to question everything. Go back...
celebrating black history all year

Black History 365: Celebrating Black History All Year

Growing up, February was so important to my family because my our roots run deep. All of my grandmother's brothers served in the military and each served during wars. My grandparents were sharecroppers in...

Why This Year May Be What We Needed

Alas, 2020 is coming to an end so let us all let out a collective sigh of relief. However, as the year has progressed and has become more tragic and uncomfortable I can't help...

What’s on the Ballot and How It Affects Mothers

Election season is somewhat like a holiday for me, a long and visceral one, but a holiday nonetheless. I know not everyone feels this way between the hateful ads, the constant debates, and the...

Why I Want My Kids to Remember the Pandemic

I honestly have no clue what day it is and after the first day of the month, everything runs together and it has been this way since approximately March. When the pandemic first began...

A Letter to my Father: The Ultimate Introvert

     My dad hates attention. Even as I write this post, I can imagine him cringing at the fact that I am writing him this letter! However, my dad deserves some kudos because he is...
Black America

The Tale of Two Americas: You’re Either All in or All Out

“We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.”-James Baldwin To say the least, 2020 has been exhausting for many...
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