Where is the Love?


Recently I started following a fellow mother and YouTube personality on social media. She is a boy mom with her youngest being just three months old.  On Christmas Day her baby was napping and not breathing when they went to check on him. He was revived and hospitalized, and she documented for a few days on Instagram the journey they were going through as a family. Her son would not recover and they were to make the tough decision as parents for their little baby to become an organ donor. This experience is devastating, and no parent ever wants to think about living this, let alone go through it. My heart broke for this mother as I watched her social media feed daily in awe of how she was even able to breathe and be so strong. What was even more heartbreaking was the backlash, judgemental and rude comments this woman was receiving.

People made comments on maybe this happened because she vaccinated her baby, or how dare she post things on social media, and why would you post about shopping for a funeral dress, etc. I mean, this woman was getting ready to do something no one ever wants to do and you want to point fingers? What happened to love and support? 

What happened to wrapping your arms around someone and telling them “I’m sorry”, or “I’m here for you”, or even “I love you”. We should be there to support each other, and lift each other up, and dare I even say pray for each other. It doesn’t matter if we know the person or not, just show them love, or say nothing at all. In this cruel world filled with negativity and hate, why can’t we just persevere and show some love? 

Why do we feel as a society that it’s okay to “kick” someone when they’re down? When has it ever been okay to pick on someone at their lowest point? What gives anyone the right to do this? We all will experience hurt and heartache at some point in our lives, and when that happens we want to be loved and comforted, not picked on. I’m not saying we have to agree with everything someone posts, says, or does, but look at the bigger picture. If they’re hurting, comfort them!  

Being a parent is the hardest job we will ever do. We don’t need people judging us, pointing fingers, or sharing their unwanted thoughts and opinions with us. At some point or another, we will all experience trials and tribulations as parents. It may not be a loss of a child, but we will experience something that shakes us to our core and drops us to our knees. We will want to be held, supported, and loved, not criticized or judged. 

As mothers let’s try to make the extra effort to show our fellow moms the love and support they deserve in their time of need. Let’s make an effort to stand behind each other, and see that mom where she is.