Meet the Award Winning Baby Monitor System: Lumi by Pampers

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When it comes parenting, it’s about finding the brands that we can trust with our little ones. For over half a century, Pampers has been bringing our families high quality diapers and baby care products. They continue to create and reform their products to make motherhood just a little bit easier – and Pampers has done it once again with Lumi by Pampers!

Meet Lumi by Pampers

Lumi by Pampers is an award winning sleep routine system that was co-developed with pediatricians. It is the first Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle that helps parents monitor and track their baby 24/7 to get a better understanding of their unique rhythm for healthy sleep habits.

I remember my first year of parenthood and it was beautiful but it was also a learning experience. I read the books, I did my research and tried all the products but sleep was always something that was such a different journey for each of my babies. After reading about Lumi I was amazed with this system. You can see your baby, track their sleep patterns and diaper activity all at the ease of an app on your phone to understand their unique development journey. Now THAT is a product I can get behind!

Here’s How Lumi Works

There are three components to the Lumi system – a monitor, sleep sensor and an app.

Lumi The Ultimate Bundle

High Quality Monitor

This monitor is everything you’re looking for plus so much more! It includes a 1080p HD wide angle to get the best look at your baby, night vision for middle of the night peek-ins, two-way audio so you can talk to your baby from anywhere in your house and even room temperature and humidity tracking so you can stay on top of temperature control. The amazing crystal clear quality of the camera allows you to get a clear look at your baby and the continuous background audio lets you hear the baby even when using other apps or when your phone is locked. This monitor also includes state-of-the-art encryption so you know your baby is safely monitored only by you. So whether you are sending emails, listening to music or winding down for the day – the features of this monitor will alway you to see your baby and give you that peace of mind.

Sleep Sensor

The reusable sleep sensor tracks your baby’s sleep patterns to help you create a routine that works for the whole family. Just securely attach it to Lumi diapers with the Velcro ® and you can track not only your baby’s sleep patterns but their diaper activity too! Concerned about a wet diaper? This smart sensor will alert the app and let you know as well as tell you the last time you changed their diaper.

Lumi’s App

This app brings the system together, and takes your baby’s data from the sleep sensor to create personalized insights to help you understand their unique development journey. Parents can chart their baby’s naps, overnight sleep times and even the last time you nursed your baby to help create a routine that will work best for your family. Through the Lumi by Pampers app, parents can get an in-depth understanding of their baby’s sleep patterns through the tracking on the app itself. The weekly sleep reports you receive will help your family get a better grasp of how your baby is sleeping and share informative tips from pediatrics sleep experts to help you get back on track. Plus you can get a recap of your baby’s daily activities including nap times, when there was diaper activity and each time your baby was fed during the day. This high quality sleep monitoring system allows you to to know what your baby is up to as well as what they need and it’s all in one place!

Lumi by Pampers app

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