Ringing in New Year’s Eve 2023…In Bed


Picture this. It’s 11:24 pm with just over 36 min left until a new year rushes in, and people are celebrating. Drinks, parties, sparkles, and champagne are everywhere. There is excitement in the air, and everyone is waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square. Everyone except you, that is. Because you have been in bed for an hour and are sleeping blissfully, leaving the others to count down to 2023. Yep, that’s me. For the last several years, I haven’t seen the ball drop and I, for one, am not mad about it. New Year’s Eve, for us, is now a night for staying in.

New Year’s Eve is overrated. There. I said it. Look, I used to love the holiday when I was younger, but now (at 40…yikes! and even before then) I have really just enjoyed my time with the family, staying in, watching movies, and going to bed. Quite honestly, there have been some NYEs recently where I’ve gone to bed earlier than I would on any old weeknight and I’m here to tell you, it’s amazing.

It started when we used to go skiing after Christmas (pre-children, of course). We would often try and beat the rush to the slopes and go to bed early on New Year’s Eve so we could wake up early to get that fresh snow. Now post-kids, it’s just turned into a normal occurrence. Regardless of where we are, we know we won’t be counting down with Ryan Seacrest or Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. These days, the clock strikes 10 pm, and my bed keeps calling my name.

I remember stressing over plans for New Year’s Eve when I was younger. What are we doing? Are we having people over? What establishment will we get into in time to see the ball drop? It was a racket, and it’s liberating to be freed from all of that now. My husband and I are all about just saying no now. It’s just easier and a lot more relaxing. I don’t have to think about the lack of Ubers, the price of admission for said “party,” and the crowds. Call me old-fashioned, but I am good without all of those too.

New Year’s Eve can be a super fun event, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not for me anymore. And I know that my cozy night in won’t be everyone’s cup of tea either. But I can confidently say this year will be no different for us. So when you are out fighting for a drink at a crowded event while waiting for your overpriced Lyft to pick you up, think of me. I’ll be dreaming the night away, hopefully thinking about all the amazing things to come in 2023. Happy New Year, everyone!


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Lauren is a wife, mother and public relations professional. A born and raised Hoosier, she loves all things Indiana. After spending two years fighting the tourists in Orlando, Florida, Lauren returned home to this great state and now lives in Carmel. A self proclaimed "boy mom", Lauren loves spending time with her little man Andrew and husband James. She is a sports lover, runner and avid traveler. Lauren considers motherhood her greatest adventure and loves that she gets to share her stories with IMB readers!