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Alicia Noneman


The Case for Non-Compliance

Can there be a case for non-compliance? Take a moment and picture your ideal summer day with your children. It might run the gamut from a quiet day at home to a "Bucket List"...

Recognizing The Value Of My Time

I've been quietly working on retraining my brain over the last few months. Last year I came to a harsh realization: I am not very good at recognizing the value of my own time....

The Sad Reality Of Motherhood Reflected In The Movie Yes Day

I remember a few years ago when my oldest two started floating the idea of “Yes Days”. Many of their friends had seen the movie, and a few even had received the coveted “Yes...

Living in the Gray on Social Media in 2023

Most of life is in the gray. If you’re confused, please read on. For the last few years, I’ve been continually exhausted by the simplifying of the content of social media posts into simplistic...

To The Real Heroes Of Youth Sports; The Coaches

Every Saturday lately has been a test in the mastery of the schedule. It’s had a few close calls, but no true crises were had. Our oldest two children are playing at least one...

Holiday Cards Bring Me Joy

Holiday cards bring me joy. It’s the truth. While this age-old tradition first began in the 1840s, allowing Victorians to respond to mail in a timely manner that proper etiquette required. It was not,...

A Mom’s Guide to Understanding School Board Races

Election season is upon us, and School Board Elections are coming up in just a few short weeks. As November 8th draws closer, the campaigns will do their best to win your support and...

MOPS: The Lifeline I Didn’t Know I Needed

In 2016 we packed up our belongings, sold our house, and moved across the country to Arizona for a job opportunity for my husband. To say it was a hard transition is a gross...

988 Is The New Three Digit Number You Need To Know

The United States is in a crisis. Mental health challenges, suicide attempts, and death by suicide continue to plague both children and adults in our country. Since 1999 suicide rates have increased 33%. Experts...

Let’s Show Teachers Teacher Appreciation All Year Long

May is filled with all of the things. This includes teacher appreciation week. It is an important time to celebrate and thank teachers for their time helping to educate our children.  I’m here today...

Will They Know We Are Christians by Our Love?

Recently an old hymn popped into my head that I sang countless times growing up in school chapel and church. “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” goes like this: “We will...

Look Local to Create Change

When the world feels overwhelming, look local. A quick perusal of almost any news or social media site can make us feel as though the sky is falling. It’s easy to look at all...

My Own Castle On The Hill

My kids are getting older and we are wading into the "tricky" music phase: too young for free reign and too old for Kidz Bop! Ed Sheeran is the latest obsession. Since I enjoy...

Intruder Drills: The New Normal That Doesn’t Have to Be

Intruder drills are often as familiar to America's students as fire and severe weather drills in classrooms and schools. In fact, a form of lockdown and/or intruder drills are practiced by over 90% of...
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