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Alicia Noneman


Let’s Show Teachers Teacher Appreciation All Year Long

May is filled with all of the things. This includes teacher appreciation week. It is an important time to celebrate and thank teachers for their time helping to educate our children.  I’m here today...

Will They Know We Are Christians by Our Love?

Recently an old hymn popped into my head that I sang countless times growing up in school chapel and church. “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” goes like this: “We will...

Look Local to Create Change

When the world feels overwhelming, look local. A quick perusal of almost any news or social media site can make us feel as though the sky is falling. It’s easy to look at all...

My Own Castle On The Hill

My kids are getting older and we are wading into the "tricky" music phase: too young for free reign and too old for Kidz Bop! Ed Sheeran is the latest obsession. Since I enjoy...

Intruder Drills: The New Normal That Doesn’t Have to Be

Intruder drills are often as familiar to America's students as fire and severe weather drills in classrooms and schools. In fact, a form of lockdown and/or intruder drills are practiced by over 90% of...

How to Have the Best Holiday Available to You

The holidays are almost here. If like me, you find the months of November and December simultaneously overwhelming and exciting, then I am here to offer some advice on how to have the best...

Confessions From a Travel Van Convert

We traveled west this summer and stayed in a travel van. Have you ever considered driving, living, and sleeping in a travel van that boasts 80 square feet of space? Is that your idea...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Alicia Noneman

Alicia is a former high school social studies teacher who became a stay-at-home mom when they moved across the country in 2016. They enjoyed their time in Scottsdale but missed the change of seasons...

Dear Parents: My Years in the Classroom Influence My Parenting

Dear Parents: My years in the classroom influence my parenting. While I don't have all the answers, I've spent over a decade as a parent and a high school teacher. As we embark on...

The United States of America: Celebrating the Strength of American Diversity

It's the 4th of July! Before we put on our patriotic tank tops and head to the parades and fireworks, a quick review of history is due. How often do we really think about...

Awards and Recognition Season: How to Navigate as a Parent

It is that time of year again... awards and recognition season. The tradition that marks the end of another school year by recognizing a few for a job well done. With all the pomp...

How I Use My Pocketbook to Promote Change: The Conscious Consumer

I don't quite remember when I started to see my spending as power and an impetus for change. Maybe it was when I taught U.S. History and highlighted how the Montgomery Bus Boycotts were...

COVID-19 Gave Our Kids a 1980s Summer and How I Hope to Repeat It

One unexpected blessing of Covid-19 was that last summer looked a lot like the 1980s summer many of us had as kids- the summer of unstructured play.  It was the kind of summer we...

Our Communal Failure

January 6th, 2021, will be one of the defining days of our generation.  I have spent more time in the Capitol Building halls than most because I  spent a fall semester in college working...
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