A House Divided – Red Vs. Blue


2020. Man, what a year, amirite? So many issues that we’ve been covering here at Indy Moms that are so important have happened this year. It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. But, every presidential election year brings forth change and contention and this year is no exception.

In my house, this is especially true. Well, at least the contention part. My husband and I have vastly different political beliefs. In truth, we have extremely different personalities as well. I’m more of the friendly, rule-following, people pleaser and he…well, he’s…uh… a unicorn, but back to my point. I’m a die-hard Democrat. He is a gun-toting, red-blooded, “merica” sayin’ REPUBLICAN. Guys, it’s hard.

I knew when we married that he was a republican. In fairness, we got married after approximately 3 months of courtship so I kind of viewed his republicanness (is that a thing?) as the same type of thing as someone who puts the toilet roll on the wrong way. Kinda weird, but I can deal with it if they can, ya know? FULL STOP. I know that this is where my nonchalance about something as important as who you vote for and what you believe as a human being will shock some of you. My only excuse is love. Which brings me to my next point…

I love my husband. I am not going to tell you I love him because he is a republican, but I do love him despite it. If I didn’t love him as much as I do I would have stopped speaking to him after our first big fight about Hilary Clinton. But, love him I do, so we’ve had at least 3 more Clinton fights since that day. None of which I can necessarily say I’ve won or lost or even moderately enjoyed. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop fighting. I can’t help myself. It is too important, and I have to live with him forever. Usually, we can stay civilized. My husband typically brings up some ridiculous thing he saw or read on Fox News and if it isn’t too horrific or flat out incorrect I respond with a shrug, and the ultimate mama ain’t listening cue “Oh, really?” I should note that my husband loves a good verbal spar and I do not. For example, he loves to answer spam calls just to try and coax the spammers into his web and then dismantle them with clever bs. Yay. For. Me. Many times it is easier for me to ignore it and go about my day. As we reach closer and closer to election day and the catastrophes in the world continue to add up it becomes harder to stay quiet and keep the peace.

And why should I stay quiet? Who benefits from that? Surely not me. Not my kids. Not even my husband. The United States I know, and love has multiple viewpoints and that’s what makes it great. If I refuse to engage with the person I love and trust the most then how will I ever face others? How can I teach my children how to stand up for what they value and vote for the change they want in this world without first doing so in my own home? So, I will continue to argue. But, even more importantly I will continue to vote knowing that in our household the vote is basically canceled out.

Whether Biden or Trump wins the election I know my marriage can withstand the storm to follow. I also know that it won’t be our last fight either and that’s ok. Isn’t that what makeup sex is all about?

*For more information here is how to vote in Indiana