Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Ashley Grounds


Mom. Mommy. MOM. Mama. MOMMMMMYYYYY. Did I get your attention? Hi, I’m Ashley. Mama to two adorable little boys, Boone and Beau. As a two under two mom, my attention span and fuse are both very short. I’m honestly surprised I can still string sentences together at all!

I’m from East Central Indiana and have lived here my whole life. I spent some time in southern Indiana attending the greatest college university in the world (Hoo-hoo-hoo-HOOSIERS) and then about five years being a “young professional” in downtown Indy. Eventually, my roots came calling, and I moved back home to Pendleton to marry my high school love, Zach, and start our family.

Before becoming a mom, I worked in marketing and spent a fair amount of my day in front of a computer. Now, I’m a SAHM and spend my days dishing out snacks and “please don’t hit your brother” warnings. Frustrating and sometimes painstakingly slow, I wouldn’t trade these days for the world. These boys were my dream, and I’m finally getting to live it, but I’m not mad when it’s bedtime.

Besides being “mom,” I also love to read, write, and recently began running again. I ran quite a bit in my early 20’s, but sort of gave it up. Now, I look forward to those long runs with my dog (he even has his own running Instagram account) and a good audiobook. And, like every other mom I know, I’m also really into consuming enough caffeine to slightly tremor at all times, showering with baby wipes and high-waisted jeans.

I love getting to write for Indy Moms because it means I get to connect and share with other women—something I get far too little of these days. I hope that you won’t be afraid to share your good, bad, and ugly mom stories with me. I’ve got your back, and I’m right here with you.