5 Books to Read on This Summer—Even If You Aren’t Going Anywhere!


Reading a book while on a beach may feel like a distant memory right now – one where you might have casually had a beer and could close your eyes without fear of losing a child or waking up covered in sand. Depending on how old and independent your kids are, you might have to wait a few more years to enjoy that leisurely beach read, but I still suggest trying to sneak off to the bathroom, the garage, or wherever this summer and catch up on a few good books. It will almost be like a vacation…almost.

My 5 Favorite Reads for Summer

Thought presidential biographies were just for stuffy old guys? Wrong. Author Alexis Coe takes everything you thought you knew about Washington and flips it on its head with You Never Forget Your First. Maybe the funniest and easiest biography I’ve ever read.

I recently took a sabbatical from drinking, and this book by Laura McKowen was eye-opening and inspiring. If you’ve ever questioned your drinking, body image, tendencies towards self-harm, etc., READ THIS BOOK. Just know, it isn’t a light, fluffy read.

Are you preparing for a road trip with the kiddos? Try reading this Dr. Seuss’ There’s a Map on My Lap! together before you leave and take it with you to buy yourself…5 min—seconds of peace. It rhymes, it’s fun, and kids will learn about maps something they probably haven’t been introduced to because—smartphones, duh!

If you like to read a book and watch the movie/series, then dive into the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness then binge-watch A Discovery of Witches on AMC/BBC America. I’ll warn you each book is pretty substantial, but if you like a good supernatural love story, you’ll breeze through them in no time!

A heartbreaking coming-of-age story/murder mystery set in the south and part of Reese Witherspoon’s book club? Sign me up. I didn’t read Where The Crawdads Sing—I listened, and the audio made it that much better. Slip in those earbuds and let yourself get taken away to the coast of North Carolina or at least the depths of your bathtub. You deserve it, mama! It is spring break, after all.