Letter to My 21 Year Old Self

On October 6th, 2017, I turned 36 years old. Shockingly, this isn’t at all daunting, but instead extremely eye opening. Obviously, a lot can happen in 15 years-- some good things, some great things,...

What Representation in the Cosby Show Meant to Me (And Why My Children Will...

Let me precede this blog by saying this is not a blog paying homage to Bill Cosby. Straight up, there it is: there's a difference between Bill and Cliff. But, that's not what this...

Breastfeeding: The Love/Hate Relationship

I have been breastfeeding for two years, with only a 3 month break between. Before you give me an overwhelming hand clap, let me precede this by saying I don’t necessarily love it (insert...

Raising Girls Who Celebrate Other Women

One thing I am extremely passionate about is mentoring young girls, the reason is because I have been blessed to women in my life who mentored me. Therefore I have always felt that if...
raising a black boy in America

A Letter to My Son: The Perils of Raising a Black Man in America

Dear Stephen E. Beaven III (or as we call you, Trey), You are by far the most beautiful and amazing baby boy I’ve ever met, I can honestly say that because 1. I gave birth...
don't princess my daughter

Don’t Princess My Daughter

Once upon a time, there was a Mother of a young girl. She was beautiful girl, smart and charming, as well.  Wherever the young girl went, whether it was a regular outing, a grocery...

The Severity of the Second Child

I have two children. My two children are Weslie Vivian Beaven and Stephen Eric Beaven III a.k.a. Trey. Cute, right? Before you say anything, let me explain. Ideally, I didn't ever dream of having more...