12 Tips to DeStressing The Holidays


It’s the holidays and if you’re a Mother, this is met with as much anxiety as it is excitement!  You’re exhausted and your husband is not and you’re inundated with lists, sales and wrapping paper. There is a lot to do and after Thanksgiving, you can’t pass go or collect $100.00. It’s literally game time. How will you survive yet another holiday season, the parties, and the kid parties, working, decorating, and shopping (even it is online)? No worries, girl, I have your back. To commemorate the 12 days of Christmas, I have 12 tips for you to be able to combat the stress of the holiday season.

  1. Take a bath to decompress in the evenings. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, not only does it give you alone time, but if you need 10 minute nap it’s the perfect time to take it.
  2. Shop online. It’s quicker and some sites even gift wrap for you. It’s a win win.
  3. Shop Early in the Morning and during the week. I know when you work during the day the last thing you want to do is brave another mall. However, it is a time when the mall is less crowded and your children will be in bed.
  4. Say No to the Party. You don’t have to go to every party you’re invited to. You can certainly send regrets. Plus, if you’ve had one peppermint martini, you’ve had them all.
  5. When in doubt….a gift card will do. Especially for teenagers, since they automatically become extremely picky with their gifts.
  6. Give back. Let’s be honest we’re raising an entitled generation. It will not only do our kids some good to give back, but warm our heart as well.
  7. Use your vacation, sick and personal days. The end of the year is near, take some time for yourself…plus our parents LOVE our children more this time of year, let them visit.
  8. Give Thanks. This could very well go with number 7, but really take the time to breath an acknowledge how good you have it. Plus meeting the season with a spirit of gratitude can sometimes cut down on the commercial part of the season.
  9. DO things in moderation. This includes shopping and family gatherings.
  10. Ask for help if you need it. My Mother loves to shop, for me, I need instant gratification so I am in and out. So when I need store bought things, my Mom is glad to pick those up for me.
  11. Keep your routine. If you exercise in the morning, keep doing it because breaking regimes wreaks havoc once the holidays are over. Therefore keep your routines not just for you but also for your family.
  12. Enjoy your family. This is the most important. Time is fleeting and sometimes unkind when you’re a parent. Therefore take a breath and enjoy your families during this season. That is what this time is for, the opportunity to have some time off to enjoy the people who mean the most to you.

Hopefully you are thoroughly enjoying your holiday season and when people ask you what you want for Christmas, collect some amazing bottles of wine to get you through the remainder of the year.