Joi is a Believer, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and artisan, who has a passion for educating and empowering women holistically. Using family and women’s health as a focus, Joi has built an all natural soap business, doula practice, and is currently pursuing a degree in Midwifery to serve the needs of her community. She lives on Indy’s Eastside with her husband and 4 children. An Indianapolis native, Joi is excited to share her life experience and wisdom with the Indianapolis Moms Blog family.

Why Now? {Why Women Wait to Report Sexual Abuse}

Society always has one question when a woman waits to report after she’s been abused: why now? The question is irrelevant and infuriating, but let me attempt to shed a bit of light on why...

Honoring Self Through Revolutionary Self-Care

Around October of 2017, I started to feel a bit uneasy as the holiday season approached. When I’m feeling “some kind of way” I tend to step back and take inventory of what I...

Breastfeeding Tips From One Mom to Another

My breastfeeding journey evolved with each child I birthed. My eldest was breastfed for 5 minutes, the second for 4 weeks, the third for 22 months, and the last one is still going strong...

A Candle For Tamir: Mothering Black Children in America

"I don't see myself different than any other mom, black in America or not. We, Moms, want & work to keep our children healthy, happy kids who grow into amazing adults.  However, as a...

Super Simple DIY Facial Cleansing Scurb

I took a little time last week to replenish a few skin care items and I thought a few other moms might be interested in this one. Below, I will share a super simple...

My First Ever Mommy Retreat

"How in the h*ll am I going to mother four children? ME!!" This was the question that gnawed at me while I was pregnant with my fourth child. I know myself and I would...

A Window Into Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism has been a hot button topic for many years now. Its cause is debated, Holly Robinson-Pete has been in the news fighting for the right of her of-age son to obtain a license...

How Stories of Diversity Shape Me as a Mom

I, like the majority of the world, had no idea about the lives of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, and the other "colored computers" of NASA. It is one of many American stories...

Giving Honor Where Honor is Due: Thank You, Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition

A few months ago I walked into Meijer with my youngest, MJ. She was comfortably nursing in my ring sling and I was focused on my shopping. As I walked toward the carts an...

This Season’s Guide to Personal Gifts

'Tis the season to be giving! Make it personal this year. I have compiled a few tips below on how to customize your gifts for the people you love! 1. Listen and observe. People always...

A Mom’s Ditch List: Five Things I’m Sick of

As moms, I believe we all have a list of things that come along with the title that we could ditch. Your list may be completely different from mine, but let's see if you...

The Unexpected Blessing of a Second Father

This month of celebrating fathers is bittersweet for me. I am caught between celebrating my husband and missing my father terribly. As the years pass, the pain and sadness of my father being gone eases...

Loving A Significant Other With Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Originally, I was going to give a few "how to's" related to loving someone with mental illness, but today I realized that there is no certain path. My husband has...

Maintaining Marital Balance With Kids, Bills, and Life

This past November, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a marriage conference in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted by New Birth Ministry Center. Both of us felt an intense need to be present....