A Mom’s Ditch List: Five Things I’m Sick of


As moms, I believe we all have a list of things that come along with the title that we could ditch. Your list may be completely different from mine, but let’s see if you can relate:

  1. Laundry. I probably don’t need to say much about this one, as I am sure most moms can relate. I’ve recently been tempted to limit my entire household to seven outfits per person. Who wants to spend their entire life doing laundry? My mom recently told me that it’s all about having a schedule. Yeah, ok. The schedule is wash, fold, and put away CONSTANTLY. If you take a day off, it will explode and swallow you. 
  2. Scheduling a shower. Like, why? Washing your body should be a basic human right. Apparently little people don’t agree. You’d think that as much as our children want to be close to us that they’d want us to smell like roses. LET US SHOWER!
  3. Going to the bathroom without a plus one. My twelve-year-old son thinks that when I go to the bathroom, it’s the signal for him to come and talk to me about all the things that are on his mind. And my toddler thinks it the perfect time to crawl up in my lap. I know that I am not alone with the bathroom visitors. What must we do to get them to understand that it’s not an open invite? I must put a sign on the door to remind me to turn the lock.
  4. Hearing my name a gazillion times per day. Unlike Cheers, I’d like to go to a place where nobody knows my name. If your children are anything like mine, they will call your name and stop paying attention before you answer them. Then call your name again to ask the question they called your name for the first time. You’ll answer, but again they’ve stopped listening. And once again you hear, “Mooooom!”
  5. Potty training adventures. My toddler took a poo while we were in our Homeschool Co-Op last week that left me traumatized. She’d gone to the bathroom not long before, but decided to save the poop for her pull-up. It. Was. So. Much. Poop. And it reeked. Thank God I thought enough to bring a change of clothes that day.

What are some of the Mom things you’re sick of?


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