Super Simple DIY Facial Cleansing Scurb


I took a little time last week to replenish a few skin care items and I thought a few other moms might be interested in this one. Below, I will share a super simple DIY facial cleansing scrub. 

What you’ll need

plastic mixing bowl

plastic mixing spoon

8oz jar with a lid*

*you want to make sure you can get your finger in all the way to the bottom 

Raw Ingredients: 

1/2c of apricot kernel oil

1 1/2c of fine organinc cane sugar

1/2c of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap*

10-15 drops of preferred essential oil**

*this my go to when I don’t have the time to make my own. Any liquid soap you feel confident using on your face will work. 

** I generally use lavender and tea tree essential oils for this recipe. 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of tea tree. 

I scooped the excess out of the bowl and used it right away.


Combine all raw ingredients into your mixing bowl

mix well with your mixing spoon 

pour in to you scrub into you jar and enjoy!

I don’t recommend using this product more than three times weekly. Always use a DRY finger or utensil to scoop it out. I have been able too store this product with bio problem for over six month when I am sure not to introduce water. If you choose to add essential oils store your scrub in a amber jar and keep out of direct sunlight. The ingredients may separate over time. If the sugar settle on the bottom just give it a little stir. All of these ingredient can be purchased locally. If you stop in at Good Earth tell Rudy I sent you. 

I found this little four ounce mason jar at Hobby Lobby. Cheap and easy to reuse. If you choose clears glass and use essential oils be sure to store in a dark place for long term storage.

I hope you decide to give this recipe a try. If you do, be sure to let us know how you like it. Try it on your legs and arms too. You’ll be summer time fine!