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Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer is an Indianapolis-based writer. She lives in Broad Ripple with her husband, Jeff, and daughters Lyra and Fiona. In addition to contributing to Indianapolis Moms, Lauren is a member of the Indianapolis chapter of Women Writing for a Change, a national organization aimed at nourishing and celebrating female voices. Vulnerability is Lauren's superpower, and she aims to write about the often unseen experiences of being a woman and mother.

The Question That Snaps My Inner Hoarder Back to Reality.

I struggle with getting rid of things. I'm a bit of a clutter queen, though I aspire to be a minimalist in my fantasy life. I've read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and...

The Hell that is a Chronically Constipated Child

If you have never struggled with a child who refuses to willingly poop, be grateful. Be SO grateful. And if you HAVE struggled with a constipated child, then this post is for you. If you're...

Exactly How I Lost My Cool: Breaking Down the Madness

I recently had an epiphany after seeing an Instagram post from Indy Moms Blog co-owner Nickie. She described the sequence of events that had brought her to Parenting Rock Bottom on that particular evening....

The Building Blocks of An Incredible Weekend

As two parents working traditional 9-5 schedules, weekends are EVERYTHING for my husband and me. It's our time to be together as a family, get things done, decompress from the week, and prepare for...

I’m a Grown Woman Obsessed with Moana

A few weeks ago, we had our first-ever family movie night. Our daughter, Lyra, recently turned two, and I suspected she was ready to sit through an entire kid's movie. We chose Moana, as...

The Absolute Hardest Part of Adulting

I recently posted a thought to Facebook: This sentiment seemed to strike a chord; responses of solidarity began streaming in immediately from both mothers and fathers alike. And though it was helpful to find out...

Emails to My Daughter: A Writer’s Take on the Baby Book

My two-year-old daughter had a Gmail account before she had even been assigned a Social Security number. A few months after she was born, once the postpartum haze had lifted a bit and I...

Getting the Eyelashes of My Dreams with Lashes By Matick

Have you ever felt the sensation of your eyelashes fluttering in the wind--like, they are so insanely long and movie-star-luxurious level that you can actually feel the air whip them around in all their...

What I Learned Traveling Internationally With a Toddler

Think traveling to Europe with a toddler is out of the question? It doesn't have to be. In December, my husband and I packed up our 20-month-old toddler, somehow stuffed our 20 carry-on items into...

Confessions of a Recovering Target Addict

When I told my husband I was giving up Target for the month of January, I don't think he believed me. I'm not sure I believed myself. But then I posted about my mission...

27 Things You Don’t Have to Do

We moms are all about the to-do list. Homework, birthday presents, laundry, dishes, shopping, parties to plan, doctors to call, activities to do. I thought I might make a list of 27 things you...

My Word for 2017: “Boundaries.”

I'm a big fan of happiness and habits guru Gretchen Rubin. (If you're into podcasts, be sure to check out Happier with Gretchen Rubin.) I've been excited to crack open Gretchen's A Happier 2017...

Dear Summer: I took you for granted, and I’m sorry.

Fall has always been my favorite season: The crisp air, glorious sunshine, clear sky, crunchy leaves, pumpkin beer...I could go on and on. Even though it signals the passing of summer, something about fall...

How to Practice Radical Self-Care

Not gonna lie--the past week has left me reeling. Talks with close friends, long walks in the autumn sunshine, strong coffee, and a few glasses of wine have helped me find my bearings. These...
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