Lindsay Moore-Ostby

I am a primary care physician, lactation consultant, and co-owner of Indy Direct Docs, an Indianapolis direct primary care clinic. I love that my job lets me care for people of all ages. I especially love supporting my patients in the postpartum period, often with in-home visits that allow me to really personalize support. I work hard, but coming home to my family is the best. I live in Indianapolis with my husband and two young children. We love legos, building toys of all kinds, walks in nature, and playing pretend. Our favorite dinner is either breakfast-for-dinner or any night my husband makes homemade pizza. And nothing beats a good family snuggle on the couch.

Keeping Kids Safe: A Pediatrician’s Top Tips

As a pediatrician, I know many everyday items' dangers for small children. As a parent, I know it's impossible to prevent every accident. Kids are curious, fast, and inventive. This list is not exhaustive...

Lessons In Grieving While Raising Children

Grief sucks, and grieving while raising small children adds a layer of difficulty to the situation. Helping my children grieve when I am grieving myself has been a challenge. My children are still just...

Hyperlactation and Oversupply: Secret Breastfeeding Struggle

Hyyperlactation is one of the most overlooked breastfeeding struggles. We often talk about when moms DON’T make enough milk. But less often discussed is the problem of making too much milk. Moms are often...

Defining Luxury In Motherhood

My concept of luxury has dramatically shifted from my pre-baby self. Luxury in the past would have meant occasional expensive items like a beautiful purse, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy, or a foodie meal...

The Milk Bank: Helping Babies In Need

Blood donation is a topic most people are familiar with. Human milk donation, however, is another story. Few people are aware of donor milk banking and the many medical benefits it offers vulnerable infants....

What Toys Are Best? A Pediatrician Mom Weighs In

As a pediatrician, parents often ask me what toys are ‘best’ for their kids. As a mom, I have looked through many review lists, tried many toys with my kids, and learned that there...

Busting The Booby Traps Part 2: Letting More Lactation Myths Go

Many common myths and misunderstandings about lactation sabotage breastfeeding parents. Busting these booby traps is one of my favorite hobbies. Be sure to check out the first installment of the Booby Traps series. Today I...

Learning To Listen: Having No Friends Is Sometimes A Good Thing

My heart cracked a little during bedtime snuggles when my second grader told me he didn’t have any friends. My heart raced, my stomach clenched, and my mama bear side kicked into overdrive immediately....

Learning That Good Enough Is More Than Enough

Motherhood is hard. Wonderful, rewarding, terrible, challenging, and all-consuming. It is more than a full-time job on its own. And listing the rest of my to-do list wears me out: household management, small business...

Learning To Love The Messiness Of Childhood Play

My mother was a four-year-old preschool teacher for many years. And not just any teacher, the kind of teacher every child should experience at least once in their lives. The kind of teacher who...

Sensory Processing Disorder: Getting Help For The Overwhelm

As a pediatrician, I have worked with many families dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder. Kelly Jones, another Indianapolis Moms writer, explains this disorder as “basically an abnormal neurological traffic jam where the sensory signals are...

Busting The Booby Traps: It’s Time We Let These Lactation Myths Go

Information about lactation is easier to find than ever thanks to social media and the internet, but it seems like so many incorrect myths are hard to get rid of. It wouldn’t be such...

My Birth Story – Why My Family Celebrates Birthday Eve

  Birthdays are usually spent celebrating an individual for a year of growth and living. We make cakes, give gifts, and gather to blow out candles. Rarely do we take the time, though, to reflect...

Don’t Forget To Study Your Child When Reading Parenting Advice

The single best advice I can give other parents is this: don't forget to study your child. I spend a lot of time giving parents advice about their children as a pediatrician. Sure, there are...