Changing the Mindset and Creating a Healthy You


A client of mine recently said he works out once or twice a week, so he feels he can have “cheat days” the remaining days. As a personal trainer, I want to share my expertise about this statement. A client’s session is 25 minutes each, and although I love that he is making time to get a good workout in, that’s only 25-50 minutes of exercise, in total, for SEVEN days. Just as exercise is important for healthy living, nutrition is even more important. In order for this client to achieve the results he wants, he needs to remember that exercise and healthy nutrition go hand in hand.

Changing the Mindset

Many times, people overestimate how much physical activity they performed during a workout, and that creates the mentality of, “Hey, I worked out so I can go eat whatever I want.” This thinking can get people in trouble because they don’t see the results they are looking to achieve, which can be frustrating and then they ultimately may give up. But think about it: If your body has been accustomed to a certain lifestyle, it just doesn’t make sense that it would reverse so quickly. It takes time, patience and consistency. I like to remind my clients that nutrition is just as, if not more important, than fitness! You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill or lifting weights, it’s about fueling your body with healthy nutrition.

There’s No Quick Fix

I want my clients to feel good and help them achieve their goals. But doing is so different than just talking. I remind them that we need to stop looking for the next “quick fix” and instead dedicate ourselves to balance and stability. We must ask ourselves, what is best for us for the long-term, not just the here and now. Balance is key. You don’t have to give up foods you enjoy rather just practice moderation. Another key is having a strong mental mindset. You need to get used to the idea of being comfortable being uncomfortable. Is this is something you truly want? Because if you want it, you will do what it takes to block out the excuses, reach your goals, feel better, and have more energy.

Planning Ahead

Plan ahead and meal prep – make sure you have healthy options accessible so that you aren’t reaching for junk. You are the one that’s monitoring what you’re putting into your body instead of eating all the things. This change is going to hinge directly upon how badly you want to achieve your goals. As yourself, what are you going to do to break bad habits and instead get on track? This is your journey!

Do This For You

I am passionate about this topic because I see how common it is. I believe everyone deserves to be the best versions of themselves! This process isn’t about anybody else – it’s about YOU. How badly do YOU want to transform into the healthiest version of you? How important is fueling your body with healthy foods instead of junk? What is it going to take for you to put into action the plan to achieve this goal for YOU?

It is definitely a struggle trying to get people to realize how important nutrition really is. Undeniably, you have to trust the process, stay the course, understand your goals and embrace that the change will not happen overnight, but it will happen.

One suggestion is to start logging your food to help make yourself aware of what you are putting into your body. Maybe you are not eating enough; maybe you are eating too much; maybe you are deficient in protein and overdoing it on carbs. You won’t really know until you log your food and examine your eating habits. If your health is a priority to you, you will treat it as such and do what it takes. There is no “easy button” with this, but with that being said, you should also know that it is TOTALLY worth it, just like anything else that takes hard work.

Baby Steps

It’s all a process. Sometimes the first step is making it to the gym or finding ways to work out on your own at home. Maybe the next step is tracking food and talking with someone about a nutrition plan or meal prepping. Ultimately you can incorporate strategies that can prove effective for you.

Consistency is critical. This is your beautiful life and your precious health – all of which extends into your happiness. And you definitely deserve to be happy! Do it for you.

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Andee Bookmyer
Andee is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach and Certified Stress Management Coach. She grew up in Northwest Indiana and attended Ball State University. She taught high school English for several years before becoming a mommy to Preston. She has a passion for writing, CrossFit, laughing and helping others. For more of her writing, you can visit her personal "Bookerella" blog at