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After my pre-op appointment, I was anxious to schedule my procedure as soon as possible. Not just because I was excited to get the LASIK done but also because prior to this appointment, I had to wear my glasses for two weeks straight and I was ready to ditch these things! Dr. Price does his surgeries on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I was able to get my appointment for the following Friday. I was given an eyewash to use on my lids four days before my  LASIK as well as instructions to not put my contacts in at least three days before the procedure.
IMG_3220I have to be honest, the morning of my LASIK I was nervous – as anyone getting a surgery type procedure would feel! But the waiting room was calm and quiet, which helped me loosen up a bit. When Dr. Price was ready to get started with the procedures, you could tell it was extremely organized and well prepared. While the first patient was getting her LASIK done, they called me back to get my numbing eye drops in and ready for surgery. Dr. Price gave me one last check, asked if I had any questions and then I was taken back into the room to get things started.  Before they had my lie down, I was told to look at the clock, which is funny because as a person with a -5.75 prescription you know that I could barely even make out where the clock was on the wall. The assistants then started to prepare me for my surgery, explaining what was going to happen first.  I was still a bit nervous, however the assistants were so calm and talked to me through everything with a soft tone which helped me stay relaxed. Dr. Price also explained what was going to happen before he did anything as well as what to expect with each step. The whole process took around ten or fifteen minutes – it was so quick! When everything was done they sat me up and told me to look at the clock. AND I READ IT! I can’t explain how amazing that feeling was to be able to read a clock without my contacts or glasses.

On the way home, the numbing drops started to wear off like Dr. Price said was going to happen. It wasn’t painful but my eyes were watering like crazy and stung just a little bit. I went home and took the sleeping pills they gave to me, put on my fancy goggles to protect my eyes, and slept for five hours (which was probably the best part for this mom!) When I woke up, my eyes felt great. Things were just a little hazy, which was expected, and my eyes were a bit scratchy but I could see! You guys, I COULD SEE!

The next day I had my follow up appointment where the doctors check your vision and give you a few tips on how to continue to take care of your eyes. During my eye exam I was told my eyes were 20/15. Yes, you read that right – 20/15!  I’m not sure I’ve had that great of eyesight since elementary school. Dr. Price told me to keep taking my eye drops as well as get a pair of readers for when I use the computer. He said this is something he recommends to his patients to make sure your eyesight remains the same and doesn’t regress, which as you can imagine is possible if you’re on the computer a lot for work.

running-imbThat weekend I went running, took the kids to an Easter egg hunt, napped and enjoyed playing outdoors with my family — all without the annoyance of glasses or contacts. It was one of the best feelings.

A week later I had another appointment to check on the progress of my eyes. Again, my prescription remained the same and my eyes continued to be doing great. Dr. Kelley did my brief exam, told me to continue using my eye drops for the next month and gave me the okay to wear eye makup. I scheduled my one month check up and was on my way!

This past week has made me realize how much LASIK has helped me appreciate even the littlest aspects of life. For example, getting up in the middle of the night to feed Remy – I don’t have to search my glasses to check the time and I can actually see what I’m doing. Exercise and running has also been amazing because I don’t have the nuisance of my glasses falling down my sweaty face or the worry of a getting some debris in my contact. Before I got LASIK, so many people told me how it was the best choice they ever made. And I have to be honest, even after just one week, I can totally see why!

For more information about Price Vision Group, visit their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Price Vision Group
9002 North Meridian Street #100
Indianapolis, IN 46260
(317) 844-5530

I’ll be back in a month to share how my LASIK procedure has made my life easier and an update on my vision too! 

Stay tuned!

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