My Battle With the COVID-19 Vaccine: Why I Decided to Be Vaccinated


vaccineIt’s not a new headline that COVID-19 turned everyone’s world upside down in March of 2020. We still are slowly putting back the pieces to resume and somewhat normal day-to-day life. A major part of returning to “normal” was the COVID-19 vaccine. Having a potential weapon to fight this crazy virus is what we were all waiting for.

I, myself, wasn’t totally on the vaccine train. What is mRNA? Vaccines have been around for years, but they whipped this one out in a matter of months. Scientists, doctors, and politicians were telling us all that this is the only way to go back to normal life, roll up your sleeves now, and we can be closer to throwing these masks away! But then, there was the other side of the tracks, scientists, doctors, and politicians telling us this isn’t the answer, there hasn’t been enough testing, this might not be safe. It is confusing and scary because instead of making our health the top priority, these people in high places that we should be looking to for guidance started to play on our fears. This scared me even more. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this vaccine. So I waited…

I waited and watched as my parents, aunts, and uncles all shot their vaccines. Several friends that are doctors, nurses, and first responders got their vaccines. Then it came time for the educators and my co-workers, several stepped up to be vaccinated. As I witnessed this happening, I was also seeing results and the statistics. COVID-19 infection rates were slowing, the death rate was down. I knew people that have experienced side effects, but nothing different from the other vaccines that are around.   

Then I started thinking, my children are fully vaccinated, and every year at flu shot time I schedule family flu shots without blinking an eye. So why was I letting the COVID-19 vaccine affect me so much? Why was I so against it? Why was letting the opinions of others affect the decisions I made with my own health and well-being? I want life to go back to normal just as much as the next guy, but here I am dragging my feet on this vaccine because it’s new. I had no problem handing my babies over to the pediatrician for their vaccines. The time had come for me to stop worrying about the what if, it was time to help be part of the solution.  

So that’s exactly what I did. One day after work I drove to a local hospital that didn’t require an appointment. I prayed that God would lead me on the correct path, that if this wasn’t the right choice for me, then give me a sign to leave. I had peace, I knew that I was making the right decision. I received my first dose, with my second dose coming soon. I experienced no side effects besides a sore arm. I am at peace with my decision, and I know that being fully vaccinated was a step in the right direction.