::Heart of IMB – Non-Profit Spotlight:: Indiana Diaper Bank



“1 in 3 families report not having a sufficient supply of diapers to keep their children clean, healthy, and dry. The most vulnerable of our neighbors are impacted— infants and children. Even more challenging for Hoosier families, government programs such as SNAP and WIC cannot be used towards the purchase of diapers. Indiana has been named a diaper desert, and Indiana Diaper Bank is the only coordinating diaper bank to address diaper need in our community. The need is even more critical and urgent with the high demand for diapers across the U.S. due to supply shortage and delivery delays caused by the coronavirus.”
-Rachael Suskovich, CEO, Indiana Diaper Bank

Indiana Diaper Bank Logo

Our local Indiana Diaper Bank is working hard to fulfill the most basic baby need for families in our state now more than ever. Thanks to a generous emergency grant from the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, the Diaper Bank is able to provide an extra supply of diapers and wipes for 2,000 children throughout central Indiana. The diapers and wipes will be supplied to a network of social service agencies in the state who will then distribute to families with babies and children in need (a “bank” does not distribute directly to the public, whereas a “pantry” a does).

The grant, though, is just a start. Did you know that our city was named a “Diaper Desert” even before the impact of coronavirus? In a time where we are all on a rollercoaster ride of emotions on a daily (or hourly!) basis, please consider supporting your local community by donating dollars to the Indiana Diaper Bank (Note: Indiana Diaper Bank has established discounted rates on diapering essentials. This stretches your dollar for a larger impact!). Have open packages that you aren’t using that you would like to donate? Please hold on to them for now. The Indiana Diaper Bank’s drop off locations will reopen when the “Shelter in Place” order has been removed.

Indiana Diaper Bank is also encouraging parents to start thinking about potty training their toddlers to respond to an increase in diaper need during the COVID-19 crisis. We all know potty training is only successful when the child is ready, and they would never want to push a family that isn’t quite there yet. Rather, they are encouraging families to work with their children by reading a potty training book together and begin looking for “The Signs of Readiness.” For those receiving diapers from a network agency, Indiana Diaper Bank will begin including a potty training book and a “Signs of Readiness” handout with every bundle of size 5 and 6 diapers. If you do decide to tackle potty training while quarantined at home, you can refer to the potty training resource on Parents.com or a fellow Indy Mom’s 5 Tips to potty training 101. Remember, no matter what, try to keep it fun!

Indiana Diaper Bank helps enable a healthier start to a promising future for families in need. Fulfilling the most basic baby need is the first step toward a stronger community. It is when our most basic needs are met that we can focus on the most important things in life such as loving and nurturing our children.