Backyard Magic

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Our backyard is a magical place. Full of wonder, the tall grass and the giant playset lend themselves to plenty of adventure to be had. The best part of our yard, however? We have fairies.

You read that right. Our yard has fairies. They appeared one day, building two homes in the crook of an old maple tree, and they haven’t left.

My son is very concerned about them. He likes to make sure we aren’t too loud when walking past their village. Our fairies have a collection of rocks and sticks to make a gate so that they’re safe from “baddies.”

What started as a way to engage my kids outdoors, inspired by Bluey, has now become an integral part of our daily rhythm. We have to check the fairies, we have to give the fairies gifts, and we must -with absolutely no room for negotiation- make sure that everyone knows which tree belongs to the fairies. Our backyard is now a fairy garden.

And honestly, it makes me smile. My babies loving our fairies means that we slow life down a bit. My son starts kindergarten this fall, and my daughter will be two; my era of babies is coming to an end, and I’m trying to embrace it. So, when I was wandering our local Dollar Tree and came across fairy homes and little figurines? I immediately said yes.

Seven dollars later, I found the perfect tree to build our village. Two homes and a pair of fairies later, I showed my kids. The gasp is one I’ll remember forever.

You can find magic in your backyard/home, too! Here are some ideas:
  • Go thrifting or to the Dollar Store and find house figurines and small dolls/figures. We have a regular house and a mushroom one in our backyard; keep things easy and let your kids find one that inspires them!
  • Collect gifts for your fairies! We like leaving small pebbles, flowers, and sticks for ours. Anything and everything works-magic doesn’t care!
  • Make signs for your fairies so everyone knows where they live! You can use a toothpick and a post-it; this is a great way to practice writing with your littles!

Have fun with it, and may the fairies find your family magical!


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