It’s Not Just Green Beer Anymore: St. Patrick’s Day Kid Edition


It’s not about the green beer. We are moms, so let’s hear it for March 17th and discover some amazing St. Patrick’s Day ideas for kids to do on this magical day. Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival on the planet? Magic is all around us and as moms we need to harness it to make memories, create fun and instill a little joy in the ones we love the most. The internet has some great ideas on how to make this day fun and special, but I want you to have a list of things that don’t require being a craft queen, spending a ton of money, or being a perfect mom. I have separated it by age groups to give you a quick and easy way to get started. Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas for kids that you can do with your family!

Preschool Age Kids:

  • Paint rocks and place them around your neighborhood.  Make it magical with fake coins and rainbows. Go to the dollar store and find some fun magical things to hide around the house so the kids can find what the magical leprechaun has left behind.
  • Play St. Paddy’s Day games!  Easy to do if you have a printer, some colorful marshmallows and a box of lucky charms. The best part about this is that you can incorporate colors, letters or just make an edible sensory table and have at it!
  • Make St. Patrick’s Day crafts!  Get stickers, green construction paper and the ever-popular glitter and make it a day! Make green slime or cloud dough.

School Age Kiddos:

  • STEAM Projects equal leprechaun traps! This one is the most fun and it can be as big or as small as you want! Gather boxes, string and anything to decorate it. Set your trap(s) and wait for the little guy. We have even left traps up overnight so the kids could wake up to find some treats under them thinking they caught the leprechaun. This was fun to watch as their eyes sparkled with wonderment, joy and a bit of nervousness with anticipation that they did indeed catch at leprechaun.
  • Plan a Scavenger Hunt. Place clues all over the house for the kids to find something magical at the end. You could do this around your neighborhood or in your house. You can make riddles, have them solve clues or just draw a map.


  • Tape paper shamrocks on their bedroom door with special notes of encouragement. Everyone can use a positive boost, teens more than most (even if they don’t admit it).
  • Research your family history together. You could make a family crest that represents your family heritage.
  • We all know our teens love to eat, so cook some Irish food and enjoy it with them. Finish it off by baking green treats for friends and family!
  • Learn about the history of St. Patrick’s Day or enjoy Irish movies and music. Anything to make memories with your teen is a win in my book!

Whatever you decide to do with your family today, just remember to laugh, listen and let go. Have fun and make some memories.

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Jenn Reardon McSoley
Jennifer Reardon McSoley is a boy mom all the way! With a Masters degree in Education and more than 20 years of educational leadership, she has made it a personal and professional goal to support children and families across America. A Detroit native, she now resides in Fishers, Indiana, with her husband and sons. She is a published author of a popular children's book series, "The League of Invisible Abilities” and in addition to her books, she speaks and travels both nationally and internationally where her “League of Invisible Abilities” series is helping people re-frame the conversation around learning disabilities into super powers– children now are being empowered!