It’s Okay To Be A Cat Person


I love my cats. The worst part about having cats is how hard people judge you for having them. I’m here to tell you that it is ok to be a cat person. To celebrate National Cat Day, let’s discuss ten reasons I love having cats.

They can be left at home overnight

We travel a lot, especially in the summer. It is nice not to have to board our pets or rush home to pick them up.

They are independent

We have a toddler and an infant. They require a significant amount of time and attention. Right now, I don’t have the capacity for a pet that also needs a lot of time and attention.

They have unique personalities

I have never met two cats with the same personality. They are as unique as people. They can be playful, curious, lazy, social, and grumpy.

They don’t take up the whole bed

Our cats sleep in our bed every night. They are happy to snuggle up next to us without us needing to buy a California king.

They are great for young kids

They are around when they want to be and not around when they don’t want to be. We do not need to be worried about food aggression or jealousy. Our cats are playful but not intimidating.

They don’t need to be house-broken

They make very few messes and we use litter that flushes down the toilet!

They have long lives

If you get attached to your pets as we do, it’s reassuring to know they will probably be around 15 to 20 years.

They can live in smaller spaces

Our cats started in our two-bedroom apartment, moved to our condo, and now live in our house

Cute cat videos!

I mean who doesn’t love cute YouTube cat videos?!

They are low cost

Many shelters offer cats for free or low adoption fees. They don’t eat much, most breeds don’t require grooming, and don’t require many toys. In fact, they are more likely to play with the string the toy was wrapped in than the toy itself.

With this being said, I love dogs. However, a dog doesn’t fit into my lifestyle right now. Who knows what the future holds, but, right now, I am happy with our family pets!

Cat and baby