Keeping up With You: The Upside of Social Media

©Karolina Grabowska via

My husband fell off our roof in late October, falling straight on our driveway. Lots of stitches, a concussion, a hurt elbow, and a fractured ankle, and here I sit in the waiting room of the surgery room – contemplating how I am going to handle life with two kids, two dogs, and an injured husband for the next several months – when one of the doors from the surgery center opens.

“Kasey, how are you?” a nurse asks. As it’s 7:30 am and my mind is elsewhere, it takes me a minute to realize who is talking to me. 

It is a former high school classmate both my husband and I knew. She is one of my husband’s surgery nurses and knew I’d be out in the waiting room and wanted to say hi. I was a nervous wreck that morning, and seeing a familiar face, even a familiar face I hadn’t seen in person in well over a decade – made me feel a little more at ease for the day.

My husband later tells me he told her while on surgery-related drugs that we love watching her kids grow up on Facebook. Which may seem very creepy out of context, but it’s true.

I keep everyone on Facebook—my friends, classmates, former co-workers. Although I did some friend-purging a few years ago (didn’t we all?), the people I am still connected to on social media are people I genuinely enjoy seeing on my newsfeed.

I love seeing the girl who showed up to a junior-year class mascara-running after a bad break-up get married to the love of her life. Comment: “So happy for you! And girl, your dress looked amazing.”

I love seeing the sports stars of our high school ease into dad life and start coaching their daughters’ softball teams. Comment: “Looking just like dad out there!”

I love seeing my old camp counselor co-workers go on to have classrooms of their own. Comment: “You’ve got this!”

I love seeing a friend from high school, whom I remember drawing animals in art class in first grade, become a vet tech. Comment: “Help me find a new vet in my area!”

I love seeing my college co-workers at the Indiana Daily Student go on to have amazing careers in journalism or pivot to something equally worthy of their talents. Comment: “This is amazing!”

I love seeing the fraternity boys I used to watch Jersey Shore with before we’d go out to the bars on Thursdays at IU become successful men. Comment: “Congratulations! I knew you when!”

I know social media is a highlight reel. But I am enjoying your highlights just the same. And if you’re sharing your challenging moments, too, I’m also here for that. If I’m still keeping up with you, I am enjoying your glow-up and your growing up! Hope you are enjoying mine!