Organization Tips from the Pros to Start Your New Year Right


2024 is my year to get organized. I keep repeating this mantra in my head, thinking I will manifest it, and it will suddenly come true. Truth be told, organization is more of a necessity than ever. We are moving out of our home after ten years, two kids, and a lot of memories. But with all that comes a lot of stuff. And let’s be honest, with those things comes a lot of clutter. I am excited to purge, but I am not really sure how to tackle that headfirst.

Back in March, I wrote a quick post on some of the local professionals here in central Indiana who can help you with all of your organizational needs. Having one of these gurus in your home would be amazing, but I realize that it also comes with a price. So, to help us all kick start our first organizational project of 2024, I’ve asked for their top tips and secrets to starting the new year off right and organizing your home.

B. Uncluttered

Start the new year off fresh. From your pantry to your closet, declutter! In your pantry, get rid of expired items and items that have been opened for a while and are no longer fresh. In your closet, go through your drawers. Toss socks that don’t have a pair, toss items with holes in them, and donate items you no longer wear. Remember, less is more!

Create a system in your house. Then, show everyone in your family the system you created. Everything needs a home, and a system will keep you organized. Also, it will make you and your family more efficient and spend less time looking for things.

Keep it Neat Indy

To reduce clutter on counters, such as junk mail and papers, when you get your mail, look through it as you’re walking into the house. Anything that is junk goes directly into the garage trashcan. It does not even enter the house. All members of the family should have a file folder for things you’d like to keep, and everything else gets thrown away. To stay organized, there should be a file for bills or things to do as well.

Another basic tip is never to hold onto things because they were free and also never hold onto things because they cost too much money. We see things free as a gift but it’s creating clutter in our home of things we do not need. We see things that we spent a lot of money on as something we need to hold onto forever, regardless of if we even like it anymore. This can get us in bad shape pretty quickly. You can always resell it or gift it to someone else and keep your closet manageable.

The Baer Minimalist

START FRESH TOMORROW: Often, I’ll have various projects or donations pile up around my house. It’s the “donation pile,” the “items to sell” pile, and the items to pass along to various friends/cousins/classmates. All of these piles come with great intentions but sometimes feel overwhelming as the clutter isn’t leaving my space but is just being shuffled around. When we work with clients, we always offer a complimentary carload of donations at the end of a session. That way, they can start fresh tomorrow but also make real progress today.

So, if you have well-intentioned piles gathering dust in your home, consider making a single donation drop and starting fresh tomorrow.

SET BOUNDARIES: We love utilizing bins and baskets inside of cabinets and closets because they create a boundary for a particular category. For families with kids, myself included, we are in a prime consumption phase of life. The artwork, the clothing that changes size each season, the toys that are must-haves only to be outgrown after a year or two — there is no way to avoid the influx of items coming into our homes. Even though accumulating things is unavoidable at this point in life, I find that setting boundaries within my space and employing a one-in, one-out mentality keeps the clutter at bay.

KEEP A BASKET BY THE STAIRS FOR ITEMS THAT NEED TO GO UP (OR DOWN): Rather than making several trips up and down each day to put a single item away, consider adding a basket to the base of each staircase that you can fill throughout the day, saving you time and energy!

Coco Coordinated

Focused 15-Minute Sessions: Dedicate short, focused bursts of 15 minutes to declutter specific areas (e.g., an everything drawer, your purse, or your desk). This minimizes the feeling of being overwhelmed and makes the process more manageable, allowing gradual progress throughout the new year.

I do this in my own home! You get such a great sense of accomplishment, and it’s just 15 minutes!

The Neat Method

A new year is a great time to take a fresh look at your home and look for ways to simplify or increase functionality for your family. Function is key when creating an organizational system. At the NEAT Method Indianapolis, they do their best to create a system specific to your lifestyle and your needs. Join our NEW YEAR NEAT ME 2024 – we provide weekly calendars to help you through the process. If you prefer their team to assist with your home organization, just mention Indianapolis Moms for a complimentary consultation ($100.00 value). We wish you a NEAT 2024!!!!

Nicole Blair Wear, Style Expert & Interior Stylist

“A well-organized closet sets the tone for a well-organized life!” – Nicole Blair Wear

The closet, often overlooked, wields significant influence within the home. It serves as the epicenter of each day, where our routines unfold. A cluttered space can induce feelings of being overwhelmed, while outdated clothing may evoke memories of our former selves. This is why I believe in offering ‘clothing therapy’—a means to release stored emotions tied to our garments, both physically and emotionally. Before delving into the process of organization, let’s set some realistic intentions.

Embrace your identity: Contrary to common belief, organizing doesn’t always mean discarding everything. Some are minimalists, others are maximalists—embrace your style and own it proudly!

Letting go: It’s a tough but necessary step. We often hold onto items for the “what ifs,” the “somedays,” or out of sentimental attachment. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that we’ve evolved. Allow yourself to explore the emotions tied to each item. Ask, “Does this truly represent who I am now?” and “What steps am I taking to align with this?” For instance, if you’re clinging to jeans from high school that no longer fit after having children, consider the emotions they evoke rather than feeling defeated. Reflect on the experiences associated with those items and how they made you feel, rather than merely their physical presence.

Marie Kondo brought a significant shift to the industry, but did she overlook something? In my view, yes! While my Christian Louboutin’s spark joy, they can be painfully uncomfortable! Conversely, my winter boots may not spark joy, but they are essential. The conflict between what you need and what sparks joy is a reality that sometimes contradicts expert advice, and that’s perfectly fine!

Now, onto organizing. Assuming you’ve completed your purging process—hopefully, mentally, emotionally, and physically—let’s dive into organization!

My top tip for all my clients is the NBW backward hanger trick. Here’s how it works: Start by hanging all your items backward on a hanger. As you wear an item, rehang it conventionally. After six months to a year, anything still hanging backward is due to go! Hangers don’t lie!

Maximize your space! Every inch of your closet matters, whether it’s a reach-in or walk-in closet. Utilize every available space. I particularly love using command strips for hanging hats and organizing scarves. It’s a great way to keep your items visible, as I believe that if you can’t see them, you won’t wear them!

Embrace aesthetics! I call this the boutique chic approach. Fall in love with your space, regardless of its size. Transform your closet into a boutique—a place you’ll want to shop in every morning. Add fresh flowers and picture frames, and indulge in a glass of water (or champagne) in a crystal glass to create an atmosphere akin to shopping in a high-end boutique. Yes, especially if you’re a mom!

Each week, I encourage all of my clients to “shop their closets” in preparation for upcoming events. It’s a special time for them to invest in themselves and curate a personal sanctuary. The way you present yourself to the world tells a unique story—what’s yours?

Ensure uniformity in your choice of hangers. Whether you favor velvet, wood, or plastic, having a consistent set of hangers is essential. This simple step will instantly create a sense of organization and help bring calm to the chaos in your space.

I hope some of these tips from the experts themselves help you start off your new year right! Let us know in the comments if you have tried any in your home or plan to!


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