Saint Patrick’s Day: A Quiz and Toddler Activities


Twelve years ago as a college student, I spent a semester studying abroad in Ireland, and since then, Saint Patrick’s Day holds an entirely new place in my heart than it did as a child when I made sure to wear green, including my green haired troll pin every March 17th. From traveling the gorgeous, lush Irish countryside to learning Irish dancing and gaining a gym credit through hill climbing some of the country’s most well-known trails, the glimpses into Irish culture I experienced mean Ireland will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope to someday return to Ireland with my family, but until then, I will do my best to share my passion for Ireland and for increasing the American understanding of who Saint Patrick is! 

So, before you dress yourself and your kids in green (or maybe roll your eyes at people who do), enjoy testing yours and your family’s knowledge of Saint Patrick with this short True/False quiz. After the quiz, I share a few toddler-friendly activities to help your family celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!


*answers at the bottom of this post

True or False?

1. Saint Patrick was born in Ireland.

True or False?

2. Saint Patrick’s first experience in Ireland was due to being kidnapped and enslaved as a teenager.

True or False?

3. Saint Patrick was a missionary and spread Christianity through Ireland.

True or False?

4. A legend of Saint Patrick is that he drove all the rodents out of Ireland.

True or False?

5. March 17th is believed to be Saint Patrick’s birthday.



Supplies used: Pinto beans, Lucky Charms cereal (a cup or so), gold shamrock confetti, green beaded necklaces, multicolored poms, and chocolate coin candy

We talked about what she was finding as she sifted through the bin, including labeling all the colors of the “balls” (poms) as she pulled them out. She did some brief sorting by placing the poms together outside of the bin.


Supplies used: Printed and cut out shamrocks*, washable finger paint in shades of green, and jumbo marshmallows

*I wish I had thought to use coffee filters because these would be great as faux-stain glass shamrocks.

My daughter was not a huge fan of finger painting when we had made her Christmas project using her thumbs to make a string of thumbprint lights, so I decided using a marshmallow as a stamp was a good solution for this painting. She actually didn’t mind the finger paints this time around, so she did a little marshmallow stamping and finger painting on her shamrocks.

For a modification for older children, try this!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Indianapolis!



  1. FALSE: Saint Patrick is believed to have been born in Britain.
  2. TRUE: Yikes! He spent several years in captivity before escaping and then ultimately returned to Ireland as a missionary.
  3. TRUE: He used the shamrock as a symbol to represent the Christian understanding of The Trinity (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and The Holy Spirit).
  4. FALSE: Legend states that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland.
  5. FALSE: March 17th is believed to be when he died.

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