How I Found the Best Log Cabins in Indiana for Family Vacations

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I didn’t grow up a log cabin gal or knowing the best log cabins in Indiana, but my oldest son single-handedly changed that.

We were talking about our fall break plans with my family last year, and someone said, “It’s so funny you do hikes, walk on trails, and go to log cabins now. You never were into that stuff.”

And at first, my thought was: “WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. I am a log cabin pro. I am a hiker extraordinaire. I have not met a trail I didn’t like, and I love exploring forests!”

And then I thought about it a little more and realized that my love of forests or walking trails has actually NOT been 36 years strong. It’s been more like 9.

My oldest son, Will, loves parks, forests, trees, hikes, trails, and exploring the outdoors. Always has. Sure, I’d ride my bike around the neighborhood, go on walks, or play outside on my swing set, but I wasn’t going to log cabins on family trips or searching for the best park to check out growing up. I never loved exploring the outdoors.

Will changed my mind about those things.

And how cool is it that I’ve found something that is SO good for my soul that I didn’t know about until he brought it to my attention? It’s such a beautiful thing to allow your mind to be changed. I think some see it as a weakness, but I don’t. Those who allow their minds to be changed or decide not to stick with the path they thought they’d be on or choose to pursue something they never thought they would. They experience things they potentially wouldn’t have.

Maybe you’re a mom who left the corporate world to do the hardest job EVER and stay home with your baby.

Maybe you’re a mom who originally wanted to stay at home but decided it was best to go back to working full-time outside the home.

Maybe you’re like me.

Somewhere in between, no real label. 

Sometimes from home, sometimes from coffee shops, sometimes on the couch, sometimes with a kid on your lap or at carpool pick up from your phone. All of these are okay to choose. All of these choices were made carefully, thoughtfully, with a balance of what was best for our families as well as what was best for us, too. All this to say. You can change your mind whenever you want to about whatever you want to. Is there anything more freeing or liberating than that?

Now, without further adieu, here is Will and my list of log cabins we’ve stayed at and LOVED in Indiana.

Cozy Cabins

Not only are these beautiful, clean, adorably decorated cabins but they are owned by my friend Lindsey and her husband. She is an all-star host, and even though I’ve only personally stayed in Cozy Oaks, I know from her reviews that the other two cabins are equally amazing.

The Barn

Okay, I know it’s not a cabin, but this was our first attempt at a secluded getaway for our family. Although you stay in a renovated space above a barn, it is clean, updated, and didn’t smell (which was a surprise!). The host led us through the barn, and we got to pet the animals, get fresh eggs each morning, and feed the animals every day. It’s close to Salamonie State Park & Reservoir as well!

The Henryville Mansion Cabin

So it’s not ACTUALLY a mansion, but if you look at the photos, you’ll see why I named it that. Multiple levels of decks, floors, and lots of space for your group make this stay feel boujie (even if you’re in the middle of nowhere!). We wanted to stay somewhere close to this abandoned amusement park called Rose Island because our oldest takes a special interest in spooky things. it was Spring Break 2021, and I had a baby and was worried about traveling with COVID-19, so we traded beaches for abandoned amusement parks that year. The town of Henryville itself has ONE restaurant, so you’ll want to bring lots of your own food, but the cabin stay is 10/10.

Ninevah/Brown County Cabin

This one was cool. We stayed with another family at this cabin for Fall Break in 2021, and it was amazing! Lots of grounds to explore, a swing set, a very legit tree house, and a hot tub, too. Close enough to experience Brown County but far enough away to unplug from the hustle and bustle of a city or town!

Brown County House

I am putting this one on the list even though it isn’t a cabin because it was the perfect place to stay to really experience Brown County and what the town has to offer. In 2022, we wanted to walk around the downtown part of this quaint area, so this little house off the main drag was the answer.

If you’re looking for some more day trips around Indiana, here’s another Indianapolis Moms article sharing 10 fun-filled day trips from Indy!

Share with us! Have you ever stayed in a log cabin before?!


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