Indianapolis Colts Training Camp and Kids {8 Tips for a Colts Camp Day of Fun}

Disclosure: This post is in part of a collaboration with the Indianapolis Colts.

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

Are you ready for some football? We know, we know – it’s still summer but the Indianapolis Colts are gearing up for another HOT season and we can’t wait to cheer them on! Colts Camp is back at Grand Park in Westfield for the second year in a row and is filled with SO MUCH fun for the family! Yes – you heard that right. You NEED to take your kids to Training Camp and we have eight tips to ensure your family has a successful day of fun.

Check Out the Schedule

Colts Camp started on July 25th and runs through August 15th with practices at varying times each day and during the week. Maybe you want one last summer adventure before school starts or you are looking for a weekend event for the family to attend -you can definitely find something to fit within your schedule! There are also themed days (such as Grandparents Day or Mom and Tots Day) that will have special activities and promotions for the daily theme.

Colts Training Camp

Grab Your Tickets

Did we mention that tickets are FREE? Yup – absolutely free! But get on the Training Camp website and grab those tickets because nothing is worse than having to tell your kids that you missed out on your ticket opportunity. 

Download the Indianapolis Colts App

You already know you will have your phone with you, so make sure to download the Colts app before you head out to Grand Park. Once it is downloaded, you can easily upload your training camp tickets right onto your phone and scan them as you walk in. Just one less thing you need to worry about!

Print a Map

Now, I have been going out to Grand Park for four years for my son’s sports and finally, feel comfortable with my directions over there. The place is HUGE and if you aren’t familiar with where you are going, this can make parking a tricky situation. Download the parking map and make a plan as to where you want to park. Parking is $5 but they do have complimentary shuttles occasionally that will transport you on golf carts to and from the gate. But just in case, be prepared to walk a little bit to the actual practice field. 

Colts Training Camp

The Clear Bag Policy

If you are like me, you always have a million things to carry for the kids. But keep in mind that the Clear Bag policy is enforced at training camp – and that does include diaper bags. A small clutch is acceptable if you plan on needing something to carry just your cards and cash. But all the extra clothes, diapers, wipes and more must be in a clear bag per policy regulations. 

Bring Your Babies

Yes, Moms – please bring your babies! This is a family event and the Colts have been focused on providing opportunities and experiences for families at Colts Camp. The event is spread out enough if you wanted to bring a stroller. However, if you have a baby carrier, it may be easier to wear your baby if you plan on sitting in the stands for practice. But there is also ample standing room if you want to push a stroller and watch practice from various areas outside of the sidelines.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to nurse or feed the baby, the Mom Mobile is available and located between the practice field and Colts City. This Lactation Station is sponsored by the Milk Bank and provides mothers a comfortable and private area to feed and change your baby as needed. 

Get Your Wristbands

Colts City is full of fun activities for the kiddos! We’re talking slides, games, races – your kids will be pumped! BUT – make sure you visit the white tent in front of Colts City to get your white wristband. Don’t make the mistake we did and wait in line only to finally get to your turn and be told you needed to go get your white wristband. They are free but allow you to participate in the activities within Colts City.

Plan to Come Back

Don’t feel like you have to do it all in one day – grab tickets for a few days at Training Camp and come back to have fun again! Maybe spend one day at Colts City and then come back to watch practice. The options are endless and truly up to what your family can handle. 

Colts Training Camp

Don’t miss out on all the fun this year at the Indianapolis Colts Training Camp! Check out the schedule, theme days and get your tickets here!