Making Friends in Indianapolis: A Guide to the Growing Friendship Scene

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Making friends is hard, especially for us moms. Fortunately, the internet has come through to help us make new friends!  

Many different groups designed to make friendship connections between women have popped up over the last several years. If you’re like me, you don’t have the time or mental capacity to research them. So I made the time and did it for you. Here are just a few of these groups and what they’re all about to help you make friends in Indianapolis. 

Indianapolis Moms Book Club

You’ve read our blog, but have you checked out our book club? Every month, the group meets in person to discuss a book chosen by our members. Indy Mom contributors take turns hosting the discussion where we share our opinions, feelings, speculation, outrage and whatever other thoughts the book brings out. The host also asks engaging questions in the Facebook group throughout the month to spark discussion. 

The organizers hope the club allows you to disappear into a good book, challenge yourself, and meet other moms who like to read.

“This group creates camaraderie through the shared experience of literature. It’s bigger than the books. We build friendships and community. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without the women I’ve met here,” said one of the organizers, Alicia Gebert.

New members join every month, so you’ll be in good company.

How to join: Indianapolis Moms Book Club

Mom Hoppy Hour

Do you like to drink beer or hang out and chat? Mom Hoppy Hour is for you. These magical mermaids meet once or twice a month at rotating local breweries. 

Erin Larson (an Indianapolis Moms Contributor) created the group because she feels the most fulfilled when drinking a good beer with her mom friends and wanted to build that community for other women, too.

“This group is full of down-to-earth moms who are the most welcoming, amazing women,” said Erin. “I know it’s scary to get out and try new things, but I promise we will welcome you with open arms!”

Most of the meetings have no agenda, and beer drinking is not mandatory. Just show up and hang out.

How to join: Mom Hoppy Hour

Hot Walk Indy

Get your daily movement and meet new friends at the same time! Hot Walk Indy (formerly Hot Girl Walk Indy) is an inclusive walking group for the Girls, Gays, and Theys that promises you won’t walk alone. 

The group organizes walks of varying lengths, usually paired with activities, all over the Indy area. One walk featured coffee, shopping, and brunch in Zionsville. A co-ed event (which happens once a month) included a walk through downtown’s indoor skywalks and a wine tasting. 

“We are a dynamic, ever-changing, ever-welcoming group that continues to grow week after week,” said founder Casey Springer. “Walking and talking completely takes the awkwardness and edge out of meeting new people.”

Casey says there’s been at least one new person at each of the 40+ walks, and most of the time, there are many more. The leaders personally greet each person, and everyone wears a name tag, so you don’t have to try to remember 20 new names. 

“It’s super important to me that everyone, regardless of age, race, size, or gender, feels welcome and like they belong!”

The group walks weekly in the spring, summer, and fall and recently launched a partnership with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. 

How to join: Hot Walk Indy

Women Building Friendships in Westfield

This group is entirely focused on events—no sorting through requests for recommendations here. 

Women Building Friendships in Westfield founder Lisa Celifarco Brandenburg created the group after seeing many different women posting in various groups asking for friends. But we know how it is — these connections often lack follow-through (Hey, life is crazy). This group takes the organization step for you. 

Any group member can create and host an event, and there is a huge variety of things to attend. They’ve recently held a spa event, Singo, a vision board workshop, and a volunteer event with Open Doors Food Pantry. The group started with a goal of hosting three meetups a month; now, they have as many as three a day. 

“This group is a nonjudgemental, safe space to make friends through events. We have something for everyone, and if we don’t, create it yourself!” said Lisa. 

Anyone can join, even if they don’t live in Westfield. Similar organizations exist in communities across central Indiana. Just search “women building friendships” on Facebook. 

How to join: Women Building Friendships in Westfield

Let’s Be Friends Indy

The group was born with a mission to provide a welcoming space for women to build friendships in a group setting, aiming to reduce the potential awkwardness of one-on-one friend meetups. 

In addition to in-person events, Let’s Be Friends Indy stands out for its use of community chats. Whether you’re a Swifty, pickleball fanatic, or mom, there’s a chat for you. 

“Our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections among women through shared experiences and collaborative events,” said the organizers. “Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that our group remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all members to connect and thrive.”

Recent events included an F45 class, a play date, a crochet circle, a pub crawl, and an ongoing Bible study. 

How to join: Let’s Be Friends Indy

BFF Indy

This group is brand new on the Indy social scene. When she moved to Indy in 2021, BFF founder FrancesMary Loughead explored many ways to connect with others, specifically through apps, but no one ever wanted to hang out in person. She recognized the need and created this group to provide events that offer opportunities for authentic friendships. 

“The inception of BFF Indy is rooted in my personal challenges in finding genuine connections in a new place. This personal understanding allows BFF Indy to have a sincere and relatable foundation, transforming it from a mere networking group into a community rooted in empathy and understanding,” said FrancesMary. 

The group’s events are designed to go beyond meet-and-greets and build deeper connections through shared experiences. Recent gatherings include a collaboration with Hot Walk Indy, a book club, a Bachelor finale watch party, a Bible study, and brunch. 

How to join: BFF Indy

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s at least a starting point. What are you waiting for? Go out there and make friends!


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